First Steps toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Starting a healthy lifestyle begins with a decision. You must make the decision and then you must decide to follow through with it. You then need dedication to that decision. And dedication is made easier by a plan.

I am here to take those first steps of action with you. Like a parent anxiously awaiting their child’s first crucial steps across the living room floor, I want to be here to help you achieve success. Stories of triumph, moments of struggle, and times of falter are all facilitated with a trusted source to turn to.

So, are YOU ready to get started? If so, let's set some goals, together.

What decision have you made? Will you dedicate time to working out? To eating better? To relaxing more? The answer, whether you want to drastically change or just add some adjustments and pointers here and there, is all of these. A healthy lifestyle does not include just one of these aspects, but is a well-rounded combination of them all. The simple answer is that you must dedicate time to your body.

It is too easy to get bogged down in thinking that you must choose a type of healthier lifestyle to live. Wondering whether you should start a diet, what kind of diet, a workout plan, what type of workouts, in home or out of home, and more can be overwhelming. All these uncertainties may be enough to propel you in a whirlwind back onto the couch with a heavy thud and the comforting crunch of potato chips. But Do Not Worry. You do not need to know the answers to these questions right away, or possibly even ever.

The reason I say this is because simplicity in a healthy lifestyle is ideal. It is really all about:

1. Listening to your body
2. Eating clean
3. Getting rest
4. Being physically active

The first action for us to take is to set a goal statement. For this, keep in mind personal values, priorities, and current lifestyle. Make a goal that is practical and attainable with the factors mentioned. For example, if you are working a full time job and taking classes part time to go back to school and value family time as a high priority, it would not be practical to set a goal of going on a two hour run or walk every day. You would not be able to attain that goal while keeping your sanity. A more practical goal statement would be: I will do 15 minutes of physical activity every lunch break and half an hour of strength or cardio before work three days a week.

You may realize that this statement is specific to one aspect of a healthy life, physical activity, when I told you it takes a well-rounded approach to achieve a healthy life. However, your goal statement is allowed to be specific. It is what you want your main focus to be on, whether that is activity, food, or rest. It is the area that you feel needs the most improvement, and thus, needs the most attention.

But also realize that all sections are interconnected. To focus on one, you will need to improve all of them. I.e. Activity goals cannot be successfully accomplished unless you are well-rested and fueling your body with the proper nutrients.

This is my goal statement: To provide you with accurate and helpful information so that you can accomplish goals set, through reading, learning, and acting upon them together.

So I ask the questions now:

Are you ready to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle?
Do you have dedication to this decision?
Do you have a goal statement?
Do you have it written down?
Is it posted somewhere you can see every day?


Okay good, let's get started!

On this blog you will find tools, ideas, and assistance along the path to a healthy life. I will cover areas of life including happiness, food, recipes, diet-fads, thoughts on beauty, masculinity, and more. Please post questions or comments you have anytime they come up and I will be sure to address them. We will navigate and learn from this lifestyle journey together!

If you would like to share your goal statement for inspiration to others please do so in the comment section!

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  • Jackie G

    This was an informative and inspiring post! I would like to make and share my goal statement here. I feel My area of most Improvement needs to be eating clean. So my goal statement is: I will eat one fruit and one vegetable more than I do now

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