Laying the Groundwork for Strength Training

In one way or another, it’s the goal that all lifters share - get stronger. Some want the big chiseled chest and bulging biceps. Or maybe, toned, strong legs and sculpted backside is your objective. Who doesn’t want the ripped abs?



No matter why we lift, we expect results. We want to look better and lift heavier weights (both in the gym and in everyday life).

As any seasoned lifter will tell you, getting stronger is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. It takes time, dedication, and the ability to find motivation on a daily basis. Many people throw around the phrase ‘a fitness lifestyle’ because that’s what is required. Making changes to every phase of your life, from your training to your diet, sleep patterns to your mental approach.

Can we help you get a six pack, bench 315, or turn heads in your swimsuit overnight? No.

News Flash - Nothing will do that overnight.

What this space will do, over time, is help you build more muscle to get stronger. This will be your guide to making the gains you want to see. Of course, reading posts online won’t actually make you stronger. You’re going to have to work hard in the gym to do that. But applying what you do read while working hard in the gym? That will do it.

We will cover the lifts and moves that get you stronger, proper form on how to lift the big weight, maintenance to keep your body safe and operating smoothly, basic nutritional requirements to fuel your strength-building endeavors, and tips from the pros who know what they are doing.

Becoming stronger is a battle. Stick with us, and that battle won’t be quite so uphill.

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