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Depending on who you ask, the human body has between 640 and 800 muscles. That’s a lot of real estate when it comes to the world of fitness. While we all have the same muscles, what we aspire to do with them varies wildly.

Your fitness routine will look very different if you are training for a competitive 10k than if you are trying to hoist 315 on the bench. Your weight lifting programs and diet will differ if you are going out for the swim team than if you’re going out for football. Maybe you want to begin doing yoga to help reduce lower back pain, or maybe you strive to walk for 20 minutes three times a week.

Whether it’s sports, weight lifting, running, rowing, CrossFit, yoga, martial arts, hiking, cycling, or anything else, physical exercise does not fall into a 'one size fits all' category. Regardless of what your goals are, you are going to have to train to get there. That's where this comes in.
Get ready to investigate different types of fitness training, best practices, and the benefits. We will look at how adding fitness training will benefit your everyday life. And of course, we will provide instructions on how to incorporate training into your lifestyle, no matter what your goals may be.

With endless new fitness fads, more machines than you can count at the gym, as well as more research than ever before explaining the benefits of physical exercise, sometimes you need to have a push in the right direction.

That’s what this is here for.

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