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  • Five Keys to Fitness Training Success

    Day after day we sweat it out in the gym. No matter how tired we are. How long the day at the office was. Or how fast that big deadline is coming up. We stick it out. And we only ask for one thing in return.


    Bigger muscles, greater strength, a more toned physique.

    But no matter how much you bench, how long you spend on the stair climber, or the number of cycling classes attended, results are hard to come by. Continue reading

  • Eating Clean: What does this mean?

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    In our first post I listed “eating clean” as one of the simple points to living a healthy life. Lets now go into more depth on what “eating clean” really means. And it does not simply mean to wash your food, although that     never hurts, especially when           [1] preparing fruits and vegetables!

     [2]   The first mantra to eating clean is BE RID OF THE JUNK FOOD. Image courtesy of  lamnee from FreeDigitalPhotos.netWhile this may seem to be common sense, it often takes more than that to accept it. It takes reading it, hearing it, and practicing it. Processed, high chemical content, high sugar content, and high fat content foods are not a part of an eating clean ‘diet’. I’m careful with using the word ‘diet’ here because that often has negative connotations associated with putting the lock on all enjoyable foods.That is not what I intend to do here. My goal is to give you a resource to turn to on clean eating. Continue reading

  • What is Your Heart Telling You?

    Now that we have described the basics of cardio, made a goal, and have made a decision to be dedicated, it is a good time to go more in-depth on heart rate. It is important to know that not only do you need to get your heart rate above its resting rate for a cardio workout, but it needs to reach what is called the aerobic zone. The aerobic zone is a heart rate (HR) that is 55% to 85% of your max HR. You can go above 85%, but caution is advised in doing so for your own safety.

    So how do you figure out if you are working hard enough to reach this zone? The simple answer is, to take your pulse. Do this directly after, or during, your workout to determine if you are working out with the appropriate intensity or if you need to increase or decrease your intensity to reach your HR goal. Continue reading

  • How Should I Be Training? Overview of Different Training Styles

    Everywhere you look you’ll hear about a different style of fitness training. It might seem like overkill, which some of it is. But not all of it.

    We all have a different end goal in mind when it comes to fitness, and therefore will need to take a different route to get there. Below you will find overviews of the more popular training styles around today, along with their associated benefits. See which styles are most aligned with your fitness goals and implement them into your workout plans. Continue reading

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