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  • Trade Holiday Stress Eating for some Holiday Stress-Relieving Tips

    Put down the cookie and take a look at these stress relief ideas

    Holiday shopping, card writing, gift wrapping, crowded roads, busy workplace, visiting relatives- feeling stressed yet? It’s the holiday season and  for many, with the cheer and joy of the holidays also comes added stress and pressure. I want to help you realize that that is perfectly OK. Stress happens, and to a point it helps us get things done. It is when stress gets to the point where we feel like we cannot cope that our well-being is compromised. When the feelings of Image courtesy of  jesadaphorn from FreeDigitalPhotos.netstress or pressure become too much for our body to handle, productivity plummets and health deteriorates. In moments like this, when you feel your blood boiling and your mind spinning into a blur of chaos, it is important to tell yourself to stop, breath, and take one step at a time. So before you dig into that pile of Christmas cookies or raid the stocking stash, here are a few techniques that I often use to relieve the excess holiday stress:

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  • Train Through The Holidays This Year

    Oh the Holidays. All of the good times with family and friends, holiday cheer, and delicious food. Time seems to speed up in December, doesn’t it? With so much to do, some things often seem to slip through the cracks, one of them being your fitness training. However, that should not be the case.

    With endless holiday parties filled with 2,000+ calorie encounters, if anything your fitness should become even more important. With so many time constraints, working out sometimes seems to be an after thought. But realizing that these final weeks can make or break all of the work you’ve done in 2014, maybe this year should be a little different.

    Here are four mocking birds … I mean tips for maintaining your fitness during the holidays.

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  • Quick Tips on Keeping Healthy this Winter

    How healthy do you feel, really?

    It’s officially winter time and the sniffles have now started their travel season. But there are ways to prepare for winter and keep yourself feeling top notch.

    Know Your Body

    The most important element of health is to listen to your body. If you are feeling sluggish, it is often because you are not getting enough physical activity to keep your energy levels up. Lethargy (in the absence of illness) is your body telling you to get up off the couch and get active.

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