Home Gym vs Gym Membership: What Suits Your Needs Best?

HFT Fit ProAnother day at the gym. Part of you is excited to try out the new machine they just got. But secretly, part of you is dreading the crowd, the drive, that random sweat. Belonging to a gym can be a great experience for some, a place where people are collectively working towards their fitness goals. For others, gyms can be intimidating or just flat out annoying.

For those in the second category, a home gym could be a perfect solution. You’ll never have to wait in line to use it. It’s available to you at any time of day, with no drive required. If that sounds good to you, keep reading for five more reasons why a home gym would make sense for you.

Save on time

Say you live 10 minutes away from the gym you go to. Already there is 20 extra minutes out of your day,  not accounting for traffic. Once you are in the gym, there is no guarantee that the equipment you want to use will be available, especially during peak usage times such as after work. This can lead to you wasting more time waiting to use equipment, or even having to change your routine based on what’s available

With a home gym, there is no extra commute. Head to work, run any errands you need to after then back home. Your gym is waiting for you. You won’t need to wait to use the equipment- the only person using it is you! You’ll be able to perform the exact routine in that you had in mind, for the exact amount of time desired. No time wasted.


We’ve all been there- long day at the office, multiple errands to run after work, it’s raining, you’re tired. This is the point where blowing off the gym becomes quite easy. ‘Ah, I’ll just double up tomorrow’. Many of us have said that. Actually doing it is another thing. Or, say you’re up late at night and get the urge to work out. Unless you belong to a 24 hour gym, you have a set window of time you must workout in

With a home gym, these excuses become void. You’ll probably have to walk past the equipment at some point, so there’s no excuses for not using it. Don’t feel like venturing out into the winter wonderland, torrential downpour, or death-defying heat? With a home gym, you don’t even have to get dressed to use it if you really don’t want to. Lastly, you can workout anytime you are at home. If nature’s call wakes you up at 2am, go ahead and get some sets in. There is no reason why your home gym wouldn’t get plenty of usage.


This is one category where the gym membership will most likely get the nod, at least upon initial evaluation. Most likely, gyms will have a wider variety of equipment available than you will have in your home. But do you really use all of it? How many people can honestly say they use every piece of equipment in their gym on a regular basis?

Whether it is based on what’s available or your training routine, we all have our favorite equipment that we use. You know what you like to do in the gym. It is not difficult to find equipment for your home gym that will mimic your gym use habits. High quality home gyms will offer dozens, if not hundreds, of different workouts. So while your home gym might only be one piece of equipment, if you pick the right one all of your workout needs will be covered.


When you are at the gym do you ever get the feeling like people are watching or judging you? Have you ever seen people standing there, waiting to use the equipment you just started using? Add to that the whole locker room scenario, the potential awkwardness of changing with random people and the safety of your valuables while you are working out. Not the ideal situation for a comfortable workout.

With a home gym, you will only be working out with people you invite to work out with you, in the comfort of your own home. You can go at your own pace, do as many sets as you’d like and not worry about the other people waiting to pounce on the equipment you are using as soon as you turn your back. You can eliminate the locker room and know that your valuables are safe, since they are not leaving your home. That sounds much more comfortable.

Save money in the long run

Imagine that you pay $50 each month for the gym you go to (not unrealistic by any means). That’s $600 a year. Of course don’t forget about the initial sign up fee (we will say another $50). Maybe you have an annual maintenance fee of $50 as well. So let’s call it $700 for the first year, and then $650 for every year after that. For as long as you go to the gym.

But where exactly is your money going to? With a gym, you are not only paying to use the equipment, but salaries, utility bills for the gym, helping them pave the parking lot, and on and on. Lots of overhead.

With a home gym, you are investing in something. You will own your machine or machines (eventually if financing), then will have no payments. Plus you know what you are paying for, you have something tangible in your name.

Let’s say that you go with a top of the line home gym for $3,599, and finance it over 12 months.  Buying from the right company, you could be able to get zero percent interest for that year. If you pay off the full amount in the first 12 months, no interested charged, that gym will be paid off and 100% yours for just under $300 a month.

In the shorter term, that sounds a lot more expensive than a gym membership. But let’s space that over ten years, and here’s how that looks:

10 year outlook

-Gym - First year at $700, nine years at $650 ($700+ ($650*9) = $6,550
-Home Gym - $3,599 one year free financing paid in one year = $3,599

Over time, the home gym is the smart choice. Keep in mind, not all home gyms are going to be over $3,000. It is not hard to find something to suit your needs in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

For some people, the gym is a great place, an opportunity to bond with other fitness enthusiasts. For others a home gym is a much better solution. You can save time, and in the long run, money. You’ll be able to work out in the comfort of your own home, any time you want. If you want, you can still invite workout buddies over. You’ll have less excuses to not get your workout in. And when it’s all said and done you’ll be able to look back at something that you can call your own. Or you can help your gym pay for that new smoothie bar. The choice is yours.

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