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  • Key Cardiovascular Workouts For Your Health and Fitness

    Do you have cardiovascular intelligence?


    We all know how to get on a treadmill and hit "quick start". We often tend to gravitate toward our favorite classes or machines. This becomes like autopilot at times, right? This is where, with a little bit more effort, you can develop cardiovascular intelligence. The meaning of this is simple... You take care of your body the best way you know how...

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  • Six Essential Moves to get the Most from Your T3

    Don’t let the size of the BodyCraft Total Training Tower (T3) fool you. It has a small footprint but is very versatile. The T3 allows you to take the same exercise and modify the angle for a different workout and an even stronger muscle. Our bodies are not like the pictures you see in the anatomy books. We have dimension and shape to each of our muscles and they can be worked in so many different ways/positions to create a stronger body. The T3 can help you simplify this mission.

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