Key Cardiovascular Workouts For Your Health and Fitness

Do you have cardiovascular intelligence?


We all know how to get on a treadmill and hit "quick start". We often tend to gravitate toward our favorite classes or machines. This becomes like autopilot at times, right? This is where, with a little bit more effort, you can develop cardiovascular intelligence. The meaning of this is simple... You take care of your body the best way you know how...

To break the definition down a little further: You maintain muscular balance, flexibility and joint strength while increasing your heart rate. If you don't take care of your body then your cardiovascular workouts will become limited due to injury and/or weakness.

Now that you know the definition, how do you maintain cardiovascular intelligence. Think about your cardio routine before you start. Did you take a cycling class which focuses on your legs, hip flexors and pushes your lower back and abdominals. Did you try a rowing machine yesterday which focuses on your upper back, posture, shoulders and your legs as stabilizers and motivators. See the chart below and mix up your cardio routine to maintain cardiovascular intelligence.

  Cardiovascular   Primary Muscles   Secondary Muscles   Additional
Treadmill running  Hamstrings and Quads and Calve Abdominals and Back Great way to tone abdominals and need for great core strength
Cycling Quads and Hamstrings Abdominals and Back Great lower body emphasis much needed core strength
Rowing Shoulders and Upper back  Core and Legs Great way for a beginner to build leg and core strength
Zumba Class  Everything  Everything  Need good joint stability
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