Six Essential Moves to get the Most from Your T3

Don’t let the size of the BodyCraft Total Training Tower (T3) fool you. It has a small footprint but is very versatile. The T3 allows you to take the same exercise and modify the angle for a different workout and an even stronger muscle. Our bodies are not like the pictures you see in the anatomy books. We have dimension and shape to each of our muscles and they can be worked in so many different ways/positions to create a stronger body. The T3 can help you simplify this mission.

The T3 comes with a stability ball and you can use this to craft a strong core with exercises such as:

- Suspended leg raises

- Leg lowers/crunches with stability ball separated from T3

- Crunches with feet hooked on the machine and stability ball over your head to focus on your rectus abdominus (abdominals from your ribs to your pelvis)

You can also use the three levels of bands that come with the T3 to do standing exercises for additional abdominal work, specifically internal and external obliques such as:

- Torso rotations

- Abdominal cuts (handle crosses the body as you pull it up over your shoulder)

- Squat shoulder press combinations for the external obliques (‘love handles’)

Every exercise you try on this machine engages your core; from pull-ups (upper bar) to tricep dips (upper or lower bar) to push-ups (lower bar). All of your standing band work engages the core as well; from upright rows to bent over lateral raises to pull throughs (similar to the KettleBell pull throughs).

Your overall balance, body strength and effort you put forth doing different day to day task relies on your core. This machine will give you core strength as well as overall body strength within each short workout.

Try this routine for a Complete T3 Workout:

Squat with Shoulder Press Combo

Leg Lowers with stability ball removed from machine

Push-ups (lower bar)

Suspended Leg Raises (using stability ball as back support)

Upright Row (with band)

Abdominal Cuts (with band)

Tricep Dips (lower bar)

Crunches holding stability ball

Pull Through (with band)

Torso Rotations (with band)


Happy Exercising!

Written by Guest Fitness Blogger and Personal Trainer Michele Cannell

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