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  • Why Do We Train?

    Ask ten different people and you will get ten different answers.


    There are so many reasons to exercise. We do it for better health- to have more quality years with those we love. We do it to get stronger and improve appearance. Some of us do it for competition, while some might just like how stylish- and comfortable- gym clothes are.

    But deep down, I think it’s something bigger than all of those.

    Achieve what was perceived as impossible

    When we train, we set goals. Take running for example. Usually the first benchmark to determine your running fitness is a 5k. Then a 10k. Half marathon, followed by full marathon. Then the Iron Man. When you first set off, running for more than 5 minutes may seem impossible. But with consistent effort and commitment, you will eventually be able to hit that 5 minute mark, then a 5, 10k and so on.

    Seeing the progress you make is often times the biggest motivator to keep training, and it should be. Pushing your body to do something today that it was not able to do in the past is tangible proof that your training is working. And once you start to see these results, it becomes addictive.  Continue reading

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