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  • Navigating Midlife: Staying Youthful & Strong As You Age

    The midlife challenges we go through can seem overwhelming at times. Issues such as weight gain or muscle loss, emotional overload, bone density concerns, menopause and the list go on can take its toll over time.  Good nutrition and increased physical activity can help you address these issues and more to reveal a healthy and vibrant you.

    As we age we start to lose bone mass, muscle mass and your body starts to store fat in different places.  An average woman may find as she enters menopause fat starts accumulating more around her midsection.  This “visceral” fat can cause many health issues including heart disease and high blood pressure.  Adding in physical activity is one way to combat extra fat stores and keep a healthy heart.  Continue reading

  • How to Stay Fit with No Babysitter in Sight!

    As your toddler jumps on your bed and your baby's crying, your dreams of a quiet morning run followed by a hot cup of coffee fade away. Although a quiet, calm morning may be a distant dream, your workout doesn’t need to be. By following these tips, you can get your exercise with your kids in tow. Continue reading

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