Can You Benefit from 10 Minutes of Exercise a Day?



To answer the big question up front, your body can benefit from 10 minutes of exercise per day. Simple activities such as walking, light strength training, and stretching will benefit you for years to come. You will increase your blood flow, allow your endorphins to release and stretch your muscles while increasing your bone density. These four benefits combined together can add years to your life. Imagine not getting high blood pressure for ten years after your father and/or mother was diagnosed with it. Imagine not being diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic ten years after your parents or grandparents. It is possible with just ten minutes of exercise/activity per day.


If you want to make your ten minutes even more productive, let’s think about dividing those 10 minutes into two and a half increments. You definitely want to warm-up for the first phase. A simple warm-up allows your body to adjust to an increase in heart rate and improves muscle movement as well as brain to muscle reaction. A simple warm-up is walking on a treadmill; marching on the floor and/or a few sets of body weighted squats and walking lunges.

The second two and a half minutes focuses on your heart rate. Your goal is to get your heart pounding. Simply take 220 and subtract your age and then try to increase your heart rate to 60-65% of that number. (Check out our blog on aerobic zones to learn more about your Target Heart Rate.) Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart, increases your metabolism, and gets your “feel good” endorphins flowing.

Now, make your warm-up and cardiovascular work an all-in-one 5 minute workout simple with the BODYCRAFT SpaceWalker Treadmill. It's easy to read with a bright red LED display. This display allows you to keep track of your time, distance, speed and estimated Calories burned. This mini treadmill goes up to 4 mph, getting a nice fast-pace walk in for most users. The SpaceWalker Treadmill is a great piece of equipment for beginners and beyond.


The third two and a half minutes is all strength training. Make it simple. Remember, strength training increases muscle mass, bone density, and increases your metabolism. Your goal is one set of 10-12 repetitions.

One way to keep your strength training program simple is to use a home gym. The GL Strength Training System is a space saving, all-in-one home gym. You need to make sure you are adding exercises that involve a push and pull concept. The GL Strength Training System allows you to add all the push and pull exercises plus many more. This home gym allows you to break up your body parts with a simple program. Complete a set of lat pull downs, seated rows, leg press and squats for your push/pull necessities. Your last two and half minutes gives your muscles times to relax. Definitely stretch your major muscle groups such as legs, back and core. Hold each stretch for minimum 15 seconds. Do not over stretch. Allow your body to relax into your stretch throughout those 15 seconds.

Remember, when starting any exercise program keep it simple and short. Keep your goals small and your energy high. You will want to change your workout program every 6-8 weeks to keep your muscles growing, your endorphins working, and your heart healthy.

Now give it a try, start your 5 minutes today and happy exercising!

Written by Guest Fitness Blogger and Personal Trainer

Michele Cannell

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