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Parts and Service Department Q&A

Have you ever had questions for the BODYCRAFT Parts and Service Department? Think you'll have questions in the future?  In this Q&A session with the Parts and Service Team we answer our top received questions. Please reference this post if you have or plan to purchase BODYCRAFT equipment!

Q: What is covered under my warranty?

A: Warranty coverage is dependent on the specific machine. You can find all of the warranty information for your machine on

Q: I bought this used, is it covered under warranty still?

A: No, warranty only applies to original owner of equipment

Q: Who installs BODYCRAFT equipment? 

A: BODYCRAFT keeps a list of service providers, we train providers on proper installation and maintenance. We also have two trained service technicians on staff who can troubleshoot any issues via phone or FaceTime. You can contact BODYCRAFT via email to Please provide your zip code and we can find a service provider in your area

Q: I need a part for my BODYCRAFT Fitness Equipment, what do I do?

A: Please use the parts request link on our website to request parts. This is the most efficient way to ensure your request gets to the correct contact. A part number and serial number for your product is not required but helpful information. If you do not have this information please include a description and images of the part needed if possible.

Q: What training do service technicians have?

A: Service providers have an opportunity each year to attend a BODYCRAFT Service Summit to learn how to install/maintain all of our equipment. We also have trained service technicians on staff who can consult via phone/FaceTime.

Q: When will my service be scheduled?

A: Once you contact BODYCRAFT, you can setup your service with the provider to match your schedule.

Q: How much does the typical repair cost? 

A: That is hard to estimate, as service providers have their own fees for labor. Please contact the service department through our parts request link if you need an estimate on a part or have further questions on what is covered under warranty. 

Q: Are parts stocked?

A: Parts are stocked at BODYCRAFT headquarters in Lewis Center, Ohio. We have most of the common parts on hand, but there are times when frame parts need to be ordered from our factory and may take time to obtain. We are able to tell you whether or not things are in stock or need to be ordered when you contact us.

Q: If my equipment is pretty old are there still parts available for it?

A: Please call 800-990-5556 ext.410 to check parts availability for your unit.

Q: My equipment has water damage, can it be saved or is worth saving?   

A: Your cables, pads, pop-pins, and bolts can be replaced. Frame pieces can be sanded and repainted.  BODYCRAFT does not offer this service.           

Q: How do I contact Parts & Service?

A: Here are the best ways to contact Parts & Service

  • email - for all parts requests, general questions 
  • Strength Equipment Technical questions - Jared 1-800-990-5556 x410 
  • Cardio Technical questions - Rick 1-800-990-5556 x406 
  • Billing/Invoice status questions  - Carol 1-800-990-5556 x412

We hope this answers your burning questions regarding BODYCRAFT Parts and Service. If you do not need parts but have further questions about BODYCRAFT equipment, please contact us directly and we would be happy to help you!  Thank you for being a BODYCRAFT customer. 

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