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Happy and Healthy Holidays

Ready to enjoy the Holidays but worried about undoing work you’ve been doing all year to stay healthy or keep off those pesky extra pounds? We are here to say “fear not!” There are ways to enjoy the Holidays with friends and family without undoing your hard work.

The Holidays do not have to be, and should not be a scary time for anyone. Whether you are an individual who has recently lost weight, working to lose weight, with diabetes, with high blood pressure, low pressure or anyone outside of those descriptions, you can still stay healthy and happy during the Holidays too. Take a look at our quick tips below.

Maintain Moderation

You can eat what you want. Yes, that is what you read. Eat what you want, simply in moderation. Choose the correct portion sizes for the food you are eating. Proteins should fit in one hand but vegetables in two! And those Christmas cookies, yes enjoy them, but no more than one or two a day. Plus, it helps keep the Holidays special when treats are only eaten the few days leading up to and on then on Thanksgiving or Christmas day. Learn more on appropriate portion sizes at

Seasonings & Substitutions

Think of all the other seasonings you can add instead of salt, sugar and butter to flavor your food and Holiday meals. Seasonings and fresh herbs like garlic, basil, pepper, lemon, oregano, even cinnamon and more will add amazing flavor without the added calories of sugar or the added saturated fats of butter. Substitute other saturated (animal) fats for healthier unsaturated (plant) fats where you can. Think vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes! Instead of sour cream on your potato try a non-fat plain Greek yogurt for added protein and healthy probiotics.

Be That Person

Doing a pot luck or in charge of a get-together? Be that person who brings the healthy dish or make sure to cook one new, healthier option. Everyone loves when there’s something new to try plus you now know there will be one dish you can happily indulge in. And do not underestimate the power of a vegetable plate.

Color Your Plate

You do not need to get out the coloring supplies, unless you really want to. What we mean is to color your plate with fruits and vegetables! If you look at your plate and its all brown and beige, you may be missing some essential vitamins and minerals. This is where that vegetable plate your brought to the potluck comes in handy! Fill your plate with those first, and you won’t be as hungry for the main course.

Stay Active

Train through the Holidays where you can.  Always find ways to add in some activity. Park farther away from the store before grocery or holidays shopping. Schedule a quick walk before a party or get-together. Use the stairs as much as possible, even adding extra steps up and down!

Want more? Take a look at the Holiday Healthy Eating Guide from the American Heart Association.

Bottom line- maintain portion sizes, don’t forget about your vegetables and fruits, and keep up your physical activity this season and you have no reason to fret. Keep in mind, the Holidays are a time to spend with friends and loved ones. Do not focus on weight loss this time of year, focus on weight maintenance and your overall happiness. Weight loss, that’s what the New Year is for!

Happy Holidays,


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