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  • Parts and Service Department Q&A

    Have you ever had questions for the BODYCRAFT Parts and Service Department? Think you'll have questions in the future?  In this Q&A session with the Parts and Service Team we answer our top received questions. Please reference this post if you have or plan to purchase BODYCRAFT equipment!

    Q: What is covered under my warranty?

    A: Warranty coverage is dependent on the specific machine. You can find all of the warranty information for your machine on

    Q: I bought this used, is it covered under warranty still?

    A: No, warranty only applies to original owner of equipment

    Q: Who installs BODYCRAFT equipment? 

    A: BODYCRAFT keeps a list of service providers, we train providers on proper installation and maintenance. We also have two trained service technicians on staff who can troubleshoot any issues via phone or FaceTime. You can contact BODYCRAFT via email to Please provide your zip code and we can find a service provider in your area

    Q: I need a part for my BODYCRAFT Fitness Equipment, what do I do?

    A: Please use the parts request link on our website to request parts. This is the most efficient way to ensure your request gets to the correct contact. A part number and serial number for your product is not required but helpful information. If you do not have this information please include a description and images of the part needed if possible. Continue reading

  • How to Maintain Your Fitness Revolution

    If you read our blog earlier this year on making your New Year's Resolution a Revolution instead of a resolution, you may now be wondering how to maintain it. Your first success was deciding to make fitness your Revolution, instead of just another resolution that falls through the cracks in a few weeks or months. However, we are at that difficult point of the year where life gets busier and motivation fades. Here are a few tips to keep your Revolution on track: Continue reading

  • The Germs You Avoid When You Exercise at HOME

    Would you be disgusted if a stranger on the subway dripped his sweat on you? Of course! Do you touch the same exercise equipment a sweaty stranger just touched every time you go to the gym? Yes, you do. Lucky for you, there are a few ways to easily avoid this dilemma. Read more to find out!  Continue reading

  • Five Benefits of Morning Exercise

    benefits of morning exercise

    We all know one person (or at least follow one on Instagram) who gets up every morning at 4:00 am to workout. If you’re not a morning person, this seems absolutely insane – especially when there are 12 more hours in a day to exercise!

    However, there are actually some major benefits of morning exercise. And while 4:00 am is a little extreme, giving yourself an extra 30-40 minutes each morning before work or school may become your new favorite way to wake up! As you work on crafting your summer body, the sun is rising earlier, and morning exercise might be something you should consider. Here are a few benefits, as well as a few tips for getting it done.

    Continue reading

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