• A Dietitian's Insight for Maintaining a Healthy Weight during the Holidays

    Tips for Healthy & Happy Holidays:

    As we continue through the Holidays and approach the shorter days and longer nights, meals often become bigger or are eaten out more frequent, and desserts may be a regular occurrence. However, I'm here to let you know you can maintain a healthy lifestyle during the Holidays with your will power and a few of these tips!

    If you are in a hurry and need a quick bullet point list of suggestions, here you go:

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  • Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Halloween!

    Do's and Don'ts for a Healthier Halloween

    October starts the trifecta of the Holiday season, leading us into "bulking" season as we eat our way from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and then maybe even top it off  with New Years. Although, that day may kick-start other goals which is a topic for another post!

    This post is instead focused on how to best manage some of the more candy-filled holidays, such as Halloween. Many of the suggestions here can also double for Christmas time AKA the whole month of December. In no particular order, here are some do's and don'ts for practicing a healthy Halloween: Continue reading

  • Why Walk While You Work

    "Sitting is the new smoking"

    Have you heard this phrase in conversation or in other blog or article posts? Yes? Not surprising. No? Then your rock is larger than mine and trust me, mine is not small! So why walk while you work?

    Numerous studies have taken place in the past years to compare sitting time, active time, and risk of all cause or disease specific mortality. These have all come to similar conclusions: increased sedentary time leads to increased risk of chronic disease and premature death. A recent study the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found sitting time was associated with increased risk of heart disease and death. This relationship was strongest in the most sedentary population who were sitting more than 8 hours per day.

    Americans Sit Too Much

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  • How to Protect Your Shoulder from Injury

    When you hear about exercise, you automatically think about its advantages. Exercise is associated with improved physical fitness, positive mental health, and even a direct correlation with overall life satisfaction.

    All these salient benefits, however, often overshadow the ironic yet very real fact that people also risk injury when participating in physical exercise. This is not to scare anyone away from the amazing benefits of exercise, as the rewards far outweigh the risk; however, having a working knowledge of the potential risk is also an important factor to minimizing and mitigating injury while exercising.

    A common injury associated with physical training is shoulder damage— a prevailing issue among those who engage in weight training and lifting exercises.

    What Causes Shoulder Damage?

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