• Calling all Cyclists!

    Which BodyCraft Indoor Cycling Bike is for you? BodyCraft has four indoor cycles in two different categories- magnetic resistance and brake pad resistance. All bikes have weighted flywheels and durable frames with handlebar and seat adjustments for every level. To simplify this blog post, it is easiest to focus in on two of these cycles: The SPT, which has a pad brake and the SPT- Mag, which has a magnetic brake. While much of your decision depends on preference, there are differing benefits for each selection.

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  • 7 Body Sculpting Moves on Not Just Another Smith- A Jones

    Getting a Great Workout with a BodyCraft Jones Club, Jones Platinum, Jones Light Commercial, or Jones Freedom is easy and efficient. Using multiple machines can be time consuming if you have a busy schedule. The Jones allows you to work your upper body, lower body, and even your abs. With a Jones machine you are able to move the bar horizontally and vertically, which creates even more exercise possibilities within an even safer environment. Continue reading

  • Consequences of Alcohol on Your Body

    Saint Patricks Day. Luck of the Irish. Wearing green. Where did binge drinking come into the picture? Holidays mean different things to different people. To many, it seems like St. Pattys Day is a reason to overindulge in alcohol. When did that tradition start? Or better, why?

    Some say it’s to honor the day St. Patrick died. Pour one out for the homie, pour ten down your throat. Some say it’s because the Lenten restrictions are lifted for the day, encouraging people to revisit the vices they are abstaining from for lent. Nothing cleans the soul like a good black out.

    Whatever the reason, St. Patricks Day has become a day of parades and heavy drinking. By some estimates, over 4.2 billion pints of beer are consumed during St. Patty’s Day celebrations. That’s a lot of pints. While it may be all in good fun, not everyone benefits from this indulgence. Number one of that list? Your body.

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  • Your Treadmill can Do More than Just Walk You!

    The T1000 Treadmill has enough programs to keep it interesting. However, to add some upper body strength and lower body strength, try these small routines on the alternate days of using a pre-programmed routine. Adding strength by using the same equipment you use for cardiovascular workout days is a win-win.

    Walking Lunges with Incline Walk (intermediate):

    When you add the lunge you are adding balance and strength. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes, you are bending the back knee and lowering your body straight down. Start at 1 mph for these and do not exceed 2 mph. The purpose of this exercise is slow and controlled. With each increase of incline (start at 3 if you can!), complete 2-3 minutes of walking lunges and then walk quickly (3 mph+) for 5 minutes. You can complete 2-4 sets of this routine. This routine emphasizes a lot of lower body strength.

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