• Skipping the Christmas Blues: Keys to an Injury Free Winter

    The annual first snow of the season marks a long awaited time for all of us weight lifters - BULK SEASON!

    Beach vacations are a far off thought. Knowing that the shirt will not be coming off in public for a while is all the motivation we need to start piling on the plates and foregoing the cardio.

    With all of these ‘big gain’ ideals pumping through our veins, what could possibly stop us? Besides possibly an all out blizzard that shuts down I-95 or more polar vortex dropping temperatures to negative too-much-to think about. But probably more likely- an injury.

    Jobs that require long hours behind a desk or on your feet can be your worst enemy when it comes to lifting injuries. Hours spent behind a keyboard can really take a toll on your body- slouched posture, tight hip flexors, a neck that gets used to looking down. While these all may sound like trivial observations, they all play a role when it comes to injuries.

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  • Brrrringing Cardio Indoors

    Image courtesy of  tiverylucky from [1]

    If you are in a state where you are lucky enough to get all four seasons in their full glory, then it can’t be denied any longer, it’s getting cold. And with the cold weather often comes the tendency to get lazy. I have been as guilty of this myself as the next person. How nice does wrapping yourself up in a blanket with hot chocolate and a fire blazing in the background sound? More times than not, a lot better than going to work out. This goes double if that workout location forces you out of the fuzzy slippers and blanket to plunge into the frigid winter air and drive to it. If that is the case for you, then I can suggest a self-reward system. Continue reading

  • The Fast Track to Avoid Hoilday Weight Gain: High Intensity Interval Training

    The holidays are a magical time, spent with family, friends, and food. Memories are made and cheer is spread throughout the land.

    With all of the gatherings, decorating, and shopping, time seems to fly by.

    An area that often seems to get neglected during the holidays is our fitness. Who has time to sweat it out for two hours in the gym when there is so much that needs to be done? If only there was a way to workout for shorter periods of time and achieve the same, or even better, results.

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  • To Run or To Walk?

    Health Benefits Walking vs Running

    The hot topic for today: If running or if walking is better for a healthy lifestyle. In this post I will outline the benefits and drawbacks to both and answer some of the fleeting questions regarding calories, fat, muscle, and individual needs. You may see that choosing to go for a run or walk is even more of an individualized choice than just preference. Here are some pros, as well as cons, for both:

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