• Lifting Safety: Tips to Stay in the Game

    The world of weightlifting is an exciting one. In this world, the illustrious nature of a beefy new max often sits paramount to all else. Sometimes, this goal overrules all other aspects of weightlifting, including safety. While seasoned weightlifters will have safety embedded into their training routines, not everyone can say the same. Here, we jump into some safety tips for lifting to help keep you in the game.

    Be smart

    Very much a blanket statement, but a great rule of thumb. We will touch on all of these below, but some important general rules are: increase your weight slowly, focus on balance both while training and while creating your training plan, use spotters whenever you can, and give your body rest.

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  • Your Sleep, Your Health

    Why is sleep so important to a healthy lifestyle?

    We have all heard them: get your sleep; sleep is important; 8 hours a night minimum. But how many of us actually take these words to heart, and how many give them the ‘smile and nod’ treatment? Just like so many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, it takes more than just hearing about the importance of sleep; it takes hearing it (yes, over and over), reading it, and becoming an informed consumer of it. So here is just a little more information on the topic of sleep to help nudge you in the direction of your health and fitness goal. Continue reading

  • Definition and Benefits of Functional Training

    Definition of  Functional Training

    As we touched upon earlier, a quick definition of Functional Training is simply training that makes every day tasks easier. We state this as ‘Train The Way You Move’. We feel that is the best way to sum up functional training.

    Since all of us will move differently, functional training is very person specific. Depending on what activities you are involved in, different functional training exercises will be more appropriate than others.

    Often times functional training goes hand in hand with sports training- incorporating moves that will help you run faster, jump higher, have better control of your balance, increase your core strength, or even develop a stronger golf swing. Continue reading

  • Cardio vs. Strength Training No More

    It is time to dissolve the stereotypes of cardio as ONLY a girls workout and strength training as ONLY a guys workout. Let’s be active advocates for change. Male or female, anyone can take part. So what is the answer to this full-fledged dilemma?  Circuit Training.

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