• 10 Health and Fitness Goals for Working Professionals

    Do you want to be in better shape and practice healthier living? We all do! Unfortunately, many working professionals struggle to establish healthy routines in the midst of a busy work schedule. If you’re a working parent with children, it becomes even more difficult.

    health and fitness goals

    The key is to start with smaller goals. Maybe you don’t have time to commit to two hours, or even an hour in the gym every day. That’s OK. Start smaller and focus on creating healthier, more consistent habits. Here are 10 simple health and fitness goals that any working professional, entrepreneur, or busy parent can master in no time:

    1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

    Start your busy day off right! This may mean getting out of bed 15-20 minutes earlier or doing some meal prep in the evenings, but eating a healthy, nutrient-rich breakfast will give you energy throughout the day. Pair a whole fruit with a high fiber slice of toast or bran cereal and milk for one great breakfast example! Continue reading

  • What’s New In The World Of Fitness?

    Keeping you updated with the latest trends and future outlook of fitness equipment

    When BODYCRAFT was founded in 1994, our progressive vision was to help as many people as possible achieve their wellness goals through creating the ultimate in safety, variety, design, affordability, and motivation. Of course, a lot has changed in the past 20+ years, but we strive to remain open-minded in our approach to fitness and wellness.

    After reading Technavio’s latest report on the global connected gym equipment market – an analysis on major trends expected to impact the market over the next five years, it got us thinking more about some of the most recent fitness trends and where the industry could be headed.

    new in the world of fitness

    Continue reading

  • The Importance of Strength Training for Seniors

    When you first think of strength training, what image comes to mind? For most, it’s young, muscular individuals, athletes, or strength sports. However, strength training is not just for the young and agile, in fact – if you’re over 50, strength training is something you absolutely should be doing!

    While most seniors practice daily walking, one study found that 40% of people over 65 do not strength train at all. Many trainers, including Casey Hewitt at Speedflex, believe that strength training for seniors has major benefits for those in their 50’s, 60’s, and even older:

    “Regularly working out in this way builds muscle and replenishes the muscle mass that steadily declines as we age. It also boosts bone density and aids the metabolism. Over time, this could reduce your chances of suffering with arthritis, as it supports muscles around the joints, and diabetes, due to a boosted metabolism,” Hewitt said.


    strength training for seniors

    Stop for a second and consider a few of the many benefits of strength training for seniors: Continue reading

  • The Benefits of 10,000+ Steps Per Day

    10,000+ steps per day

    You’ve heard it before – your body needs 10,000 steps in a day to decrease the risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. While this health goal was made popular in the 1960’s, it’s become more prevalent in recent years with the onset of fitness trackers and wearable devices. But is walking all it takes to be healthy and fit? Is 10,000 steps still a relevant benchmark? We explore the answers to those questions and more below!

    “Walking is the Superfood of fitness”

    Author and scientist Katy Bowman, a biomechanist out of California, recently had a great quote about walking. She compared it to the essential dietary nutrients that our bodies need:

    “Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human. It’s a lot easier to get movement than it is to get exercise,” she stated.

    This is a great point because many people look at getting healthy or fit as an all-or-nothing approach, thinking that if they aren’t running, lifting weights, or going to the gym, what’s the point? But simply walking, or trying to get those 10,000 steps per day, has major physical and mental benefits! Continue reading

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