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  • Top Fitness Trends

    What are the top fitness trends for 2018?

    How do you plan your fitness routine for the week, month, or year? Do you go off the popular trends, wing it, or maybe a combination of both each time they go to the gym or down to the home gym basement. Whatever your preference, one thing many fitness experts and average Joe's of the gym seem to agree upon are that there are certain forms of exercise that continue to becoming more popular each year. This year, we have reviewed the literature and studied the gyms and came to the same conclusions as many... Continue reading

  • Your Treadmill can Do More than Just Walk You!

    The T1000 Treadmill has enough programs to keep it interesting. However, to add some upper body strength and lower body strength, try these small routines on the alternate days of using a pre-programmed routine. Adding strength by using the same equipment you use for cardiovascular workout days is a win-win.

    Walking Lunges with Incline Walk (intermediate):

    When you add the lunge you are adding balance and strength. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes, you are bending the back knee and lowering your body straight down. Start at 1 mph for these and do not exceed 2 mph. The purpose of this exercise is slow and controlled. With each increase of incline (start at 3 if you can!), complete 2-3 minutes of walking lunges and then walk quickly (3 mph+) for 5 minutes. You can complete 2-4 sets of this routine. This routine emphasizes a lot of lower body strength.

    Continue reading

  • First Steps toward a Healthier Lifestyle

    Starting a healthy lifestyle begins with a decision. You must make the decision and then you must decide to follow through with it. You then need dedication to that decision. And dedication is made easier by a plan.

    I am here to take those first steps of action with you. Like a parent anxiously awaiting their child’s first crucial steps across the living room floor, I want to be here to help you achieve success. Stories of triumph, moments of struggle, and times of falter are all facilitated with a trusted source to turn to.

    So, are YOU ready to get started? If so, let's set some goals, together. Continue reading

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