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  • Run Forest, It's Good For You!

    More results from less effort. It’s the dream that everyone who exercises has at one point or another. How could I do less but get more in return?

    Few workouts can provide your body with the number of benefits that running does in the same amount of time. Once running becomes part of your life, you feel that you get out of breath much less frequently Taking the stairs is not the chore it once was. You will feel stronger, look better, and have improved confidence in yourself and your ability to accomplish other activities in life.

    Sound like we are putting running too high up on a pedestal? Keep reading and see what you think after.

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  • CRAFTing 2015: Make This Year's Resolutions Stick

    New Years Eve. A time to reflect on the year that was, and look forward to the year ahead. Many of us will set resolutions to better ourselves. Less than 10% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions successfully complete them. However, those who set resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who do not set resolutions.

    This year, we want to help you CRAFT your goals for 2015, to help give you the best chance to get in the <10% of people who achieve their New Years Resolutions.

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  • Trade Holiday Stress Eating for some Holiday Stress-Relieving Tips

    Put down the cookie and take a look at these stress relief ideas

    Holiday shopping, card writing, gift wrapping, crowded roads, busy workplace, visiting relatives- feeling stressed yet? It’s the holiday season and  for many, with the cheer and joy of the holidays also comes added stress and pressure. I want to help you realize that that is perfectly OK. Stress happens, and to a point it helps us get things done. It is when stress gets to the point where we feel like we cannot cope that our well-being is compromised. When the feelings of Image courtesy of  jesadaphorn from FreeDigitalPhotos.netstress or pressure become too much for our body to handle, productivity plummets and health deteriorates. In moments like this, when you feel your blood boiling and your mind spinning into a blur of chaos, it is important to tell yourself to stop, breath, and take one step at a time. So before you dig into that pile of Christmas cookies or raid the stocking stash, here are a few techniques that I often use to relieve the excess holiday stress:

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  • Brrrringing Cardio Indoors

    Image courtesy of  tiverylucky from [1]

    If you are in a state where you are lucky enough to get all four seasons in their full glory, then it can’t be denied any longer, it’s getting cold. And with the cold weather often comes the tendency to get lazy. I have been as guilty of this myself as the next person. How nice does wrapping yourself up in a blanket with hot chocolate and a fire blazing in the background sound? More times than not, a lot better than going to work out. This goes double if that workout location forces you out of the fuzzy slippers and blanket to plunge into the frigid winter air and drive to it. If that is the case for you, then I can suggest a self-reward system. Continue reading

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