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  • To Run or To Walk?

    Health Benefits Walking vs Running

    The hot topic for today: If running or if walking is better for a healthy lifestyle. In this post I will outline the benefits and drawbacks to both and answer some of the fleeting questions regarding calories, fat, muscle, and individual needs. You may see that choosing to go for a run or walk is even more of an individualized choice than just preference. Here are some pros, as well as cons, for both:

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  • What is Your Heart Telling You?

    Now that we have described the basics of cardio, made a goal, and have made a decision to be dedicated, it is a good time to go more in-depth on heart rate. It is important to know that not only do you need to get your heart rate above its resting rate for a cardio workout, but it needs to reach what is called the aerobic zone. The aerobic zone is a heart rate (HR) that is 55% to 85% of your max HR. You can go above 85%, but caution is advised in doing so for your own safety.

    So how do you figure out if you are working hard enough to reach this zone? The simple answer is, to take your pulse. Do this directly after, or during, your workout to determine if you are working out with the appropriate intensity or if you need to increase or decrease your intensity to reach your HR goal. Continue reading

  • I’ll Huff, and I’ll Puff, and I’ll be Out of Shape No More!

    It is time to save the huffing and puffing for the big bad wolf. Let’s learn about cardio!

    Q: What is cardio?

    A: Cardio is any type of activity that gets your heart rate up above its resting rate.

    Q: Is there a benefit to cardio workouts?

    A: Cardio workouts strengthen the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system consists of your heart and blood vessels. A stronger cardiovascular system pumps more blood throughout your body and to your heart, which creates better circulation of oxygen and nutrients. It is important to remember the heart is a muscle that needs exercised and strengthened. A stronger heart pumps more blood, leading to a healthier you.

    Q: Do you have to run for cardio exercise? Continue reading

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