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  • A Dietitian's Insight for Maintaining a Healthy Weight during the Holidays

    Tips for Healthy & Happy Holidays:

    As we continue through the Holidays and approach the shorter days and longer nights, meals often become bigger or are eaten out more frequent, and desserts may be a regular occurrence. However, I'm here to let you know you can maintain a healthy lifestyle during the Holidays with your will power and a few of these tips!

    If you are in a hurry and need a quick bullet point list of suggestions, here you go:

    Continue reading

  • Why this Year Begins Your Revolution

    It's Not a Resolution, It's a Revolution

    We all hear it over and over again this time of year, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”  Whether the response is something you came up with on the spot or have been thinking on for weeks, keeping a resolution is never an easy task. Even harder to keep seems to be the fitness related resolutions. An estimated 66% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions to get fit, and of those, 73% give up on the resolution before hitting their goal. Even more staggering is that half of those who make a fitness resolution abandon it within 6 weeks or less of the New Year. That’s why this year we have decided to say: Don’t make another resolution, start a revolution. Continue reading

  • Impact of Music on Your Exercise Routine

    The origin of music dates back to the BC era. Ancestors to modern humans had the ability to vocalize and control pitch and may have even created rhythm by clapping hands or other objects together. We may not know what music was used for early on, but we do know now that music is tied to emotion, and emotion impacts many things. Later on, people started to use a rhythmic pattern to complete projects at work or at home. Once a rhythmic pattern was created, they were better able to complete their projects quicker and with more enjoyment. But how is this related to my exercise routine you may ask? Continue reading

  • Why You Should Stand Up to Poor Health

    Health Risks of Sitting

    Have you heard the phrase sitting is the new smoking thrown around yet? Here among the fitness industry it is well known and heard in near every healthy living conversation. It has become a catch phrase for defining an unhealthy lifestyle. And it is not far off as more and more Americans take on sedentary desk jobs each year. It is more important than ever to take this new catch phrase back to its origins to really understand what it means. By having an understanding of what is meant by “sitting is the new smoking” you can gain the knowledge needed on how to save yourself from these invisible black lungs.

    Global studies have shown that, on average, people sit for 7.7 hours a day and up to 15 hours per day in some cases. The risks of a sedentary lifestyle (defined by a long period of inactivity, such as sitting) are gaining focus and becoming well documented. “For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking,” states Martha Grogan, Cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic. Continue reading

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