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  • 5 Exercises To Add to Your Routine for a SMART Workout

    What Exercises Should You Add To Your Routine? (Hint: They burn calories, work the entire body and build muscles at the same time)

    Image courtesy of  stockimages from FreeDigitalPhotos.netWe all need to exercise smart. Whether you have limited time or want to burn more calories quicker, exercising smarter is the goal. You want to make sure most of your exercises work the whole body (roughly 70%). The more muscle groups that are engaged- the higher your heart rate will be, the higher the calorie burn and the more overall strength you will gain.

    Below is a list of overall body exercises you can add to any workout program. You can add these to a strength training or a cardiovascular program. Continue reading

  • Lose Weight and Gain Core Strength: A Match Made in Total Body Workout Heaven

    This Perfect Match: a Bosu Ball and BODYCRAFT Jones Machine


    We are all looking for that perfect match that allows us to increase strength (which increases metabolism) but also engages your core. This type of training is a combination of intentional training and compounding training. You are intentionally focusing on a specific muscle group as well as working as many muscle groups at one time as possible. This may sound impossible, but it is not. All you need is a Bosu Ball, one set of dumbbells, and the Jones Machine.

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  • Six Essential Moves to get the Most from Your T3

    Don’t let the size of the BodyCraft Total Training Tower (T3) fool you. It has a small footprint but is very versatile. The T3 allows you to take the same exercise and modify the angle for a different workout and an even stronger muscle. Our bodies are not like the pictures you see in the anatomy books. We have dimension and shape to each of our muscles and they can be worked in so many different ways/positions to create a stronger body. The T3 can help you simplify this mission.

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  • Your Treadmill can Do More than Just Walk You!

    The T1000 Treadmill has enough programs to keep it interesting. However, to add some upper body strength and lower body strength, try these small routines on the alternate days of using a pre-programmed routine. Adding strength by using the same equipment you use for cardiovascular workout days is a win-win.

    Walking Lunges with Incline Walk (intermediate):

    When you add the lunge you are adding balance and strength. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes, you are bending the back knee and lowering your body straight down. Start at 1 mph for these and do not exceed 2 mph. The purpose of this exercise is slow and controlled. With each increase of incline (start at 3 if you can!), complete 2-3 minutes of walking lunges and then walk quickly (3 mph+) for 5 minutes. You can complete 2-4 sets of this routine. This routine emphasizes a lot of lower body strength.

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