RFT Rack Functional Trainer





Our Rack Functional Trainer (RFT) is built for MAXIMUM flexibility and safety. Rugged construction and adjustable spotter arms make your workout enjoyable, quick and safe. Add the optional Dip Handles and a Utility Bench for a Complete Strength Training System.

  • RACK OUT - Fully Functional Power Rack with Chin Bar, 2 sets of Bar Catches, and Safety Spotters with Utility Catches. Adjustments are Pop-pin and in tight 2" increments. Laser Etched #’s on the Inside of the 4 Uprights make it easy to set your Catches and Spotters.
  • FUNCTIONAL FRONT - Dual Front Adjustable Swiveling Pulleys with 23 Height Positions. Adjust the Pulley Height by Simply Releasing the Pop-Pin and Sliding the Pulley to Your Desired Position. The Laser Etched #’s on the Inside of Each Upright Will Make Sure Both Pulleys are at Equal Heights. 
  • GET LOW - In the Rear of the RFT are Dual Independent Low Pulleys. This Station is Ideal for Rows, Bicep Curls, Ab Exercises, etc.
  • BRING IT DOWN - The RFT Features Dual Independent Swiveling High Pulleys Mounted at the Top Rear of the Rack. These Can be Used in Conjunction with the Included Lat Bar or Single Handles. Work Your Shoulders, Back, Arms, and More! 



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RFT Rack Functional Trainer


  • Pop-pin adjustments:  easy to adjust and always out of the way of your bar
  • Indexed Uprights: Laser-etched numbers on the 4 uprights.
  • Two-inch spacing: precise adjustments to safely and effectively customize your workout
  • Chin-Up Bar: inversion boots, hanging ab straps, bands, etc.
  • High-density Rubber: securely screwed down to the safety hooks and spotters
  • Customizable: allows for optional dip handles and a variety of utility benches. 


  • Dual Independent 150lb Weight Stacks: with a 2:1 ratio. Optional 200lbs available
  • Dual Adjustable Functional Pulleys:  Swiveling, Independent with 23 positions each
  • Dual High Pulleys:  Swiveling, Independent
  • Dual Low Pulleys:  Independent
  • Accessories: Long Lat Bar, Row/Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, 2 Single Handles, 2 Chains.


  • 2" Spacing between each adjustment point
  • 34.5" depth between uprights (working space)
  • 43" wide between uprights (working space)
  • Durable rubber on safety bars and bar hooks prevent scratching
  • Bar Catches and Safety Spotters Tested to 1200lbs.
  • Rugged heavy gauge 2" x 3" steel tubing
  • 1/2" hardened steel bolts at all connection points
  • Triangular gussets in corners
  • Weight Stacks Dual 150lbs. Weight Stacks with Magnetic Selector Pins. The weight stack to user weight ratio is 2:1. Can be upgraded to 200lbs each.
  • Dimensions: CLICK HERE for Dimensions PDF.   65”L x 59"W x83.2"H


  • Residential: 
    • Frame: Lifetime*
    • Parts: Lifetime*
  • Light Commercial: 
    • Frame: 10 years*
    • Parts: 2 years*
    • 6 months- wear items*

*Warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner only. See manual for details.


Brochures & Manuals

Shipping Info

RFT/F430 Shipping: Truck (LTL, Curbside Delivery)
F430 Frame Box 1/1: Size: 80x19x8 Weight: 204 lbs
RFT Frame Box 1/3: Size: 60x17x10 Weight: 126 lbs
RFT Frame Box 2/3: Size: 36x17x8 Weight: 91 lbs
RFT Frame Box 3/3: Size: 80x3x3 Weight: 20 lbs
Weight Plate Box 1/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
Weight Plate Box 2/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
Weight Plate Box 3/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
Weight Plate Box 4/4: 10x5x7 Weight: 70 lbs
TOTAL WEIGHT: 721 lbs*

200lbs Upgrade Stack Option:
Weight Plate Box 1/2: 10x5x5 Weight: 50 lbs
Weight Plate Box 2/2: 10x5x5 Weight: 50 lbs
TOTAL WEIGHT with 200 lb Upgrade: 821 lbs*

* the total does not include pallet weight.


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  • 5.0
On order and receiving Oct.13, the day after Canadian Thanksgiving, gonna work out intense, targeting 2 inches off waist with added muscle and definition by New Years.
Fell in love with it in the showroom where I bought, high quality feel smooth resistance action, well built. I've been automotive manufacturing for 30 years and this is high quality with precision execution.
I despise cables that stick/feel jerky/wabbly pulleys/move the frame as I reviewed 6 other brands, but Bodycraft nailed it and is flawless.
The rower would be a fantastic addition for back and legs.
  • 5.0
To choose the equipement you have to buy you need to know your goal and your need !
And this one have all requirement !
Ready for heavy duty , most versatile in therm of exercises and with the smaller footprints on the floor !

Best machine who integrate a dual cable fonctionnel trainer in a rack squat !

I already recommend it and I will continue .
  • 5.0
Great Piece of equipment
  • 5.0
Wow! Everything about this purchase was perfect. The shipping was fast and the items were packaged for protection and also well organized. High quality welding and finishes. The steel is so heavy duty, like you would see in a real gym. Instructions were super clear and with 2 people, was no problem to put together. The structure is sturdy and the pulley system as smooth as they come.

From Barbell Bench Press, Dead Lifts, Squats, to every Cable exercise imaginable with 2 pulleys up top for Lat Pulldowns and Tricep Extensions, 2 down low for Curls and Upright rows, and 2 in the front which slide up and down for Chest Press, Back rows, Shoulder Press and so much more!

Its the absolute perfect size to be able to accomplish all exercised without taking up too much space.

I am so grateful for this product made by Bodycraft. The F438 RFT Rack Functional Trainer is a must have for anyone who wants a home gym! You can accomplish so much without taking up much space. I can't wait to purchase Bodycrafts weight lifting bench next! Who needs a gym anymore!
Amy R.
  • 5.0
I love this machine! Thank you for combining a power rack with a functional trainer that is both pin-selectorized and very smooth.
John H.
  • 5.0
Unbelievable product, meets every need I have in the convenience of my home.
Michal Clark
  • 5.0
We purchased the RFT Rack Functional Trainer for our home gym. LOVE THIS! The assembly was straight forward and everything went together perfect. The unit is top notch quality, all parts move smoothly and the workout is versatile. Our family is avid gym goers, we do both power lifting and bodybuilding and this makes our home gym a rival to the public gym. The customer service is also fantastic. We had great support all the way through, fast turn-around responses. All around happy with the product and company.
  • 5.0
I waited three months to get this, and it was well worth the wait. It is both sturdy and versatile. The pulley action is smooth. The safety catches and pulleys easily slide up and down. Great quality at a great price. If you are serious about getting fit from home, the Power Rack with Functional Trainer is definitely the way to go.
  • 5.0
This system was exactly what I was looking for, a full Rack and Functional Trainer in one piece of equipment. I have limited space in my garage home gym, so equipment that serves many functions is essential. The F438 RFT does just that. I can do free weight exercises like flat or incline bench press, OHP, or squats to name a few. I can also do loads of cable exercises as accessories, utilizing the smooth pulley system. I was very fortunate to find this in stock at a local dealer. My delivery date was about a month wait, but in these times, not really bad considering. I am very happy with my purchase and I cannot recommend it enough as a vital piece for the home gym.
  • 5.0
Am absolutely loving this home gym. One of the best purchases I've made. The pulleys are smooth and the machine is built well. I've only had it two weeks, but so far no issues.

I would have liked to see the RFT come with a rope and/or curling bar attachment, given the price. Outside of that no complaints.
Grant Wenzlick
  • 5.0
I was lucky to find the RFT on the showroom floor of a local fitness store. It is well built and the cables are smooth to operate. I would recommend the RFT to anyone who wants a home gym. I sent a picture to my brother and he was impressed as I was. I’m going to send one to him for his birthday.
  • 5.0
I just put this together yesterday. So far everything is work great. Everything fits together very well, and feels sturdy. It was pretty easy and straight forward to assemble. The pulleys and cables are nice and smooth. The pull-up bar is slightly knurled to provide some grip, but not so much it hurts your hands. The shipping was extremely fast. Overall I'm very satisfied so far with my purchase of this machine.
  • 5.0
I bought the rft about 2 weeks ago for my new home gym. Bang for the buck it was a good purchase. The pulleys are smooth, the cage is well built and I look forward to tomorrow’s workout.
Mike Hanley
  • 5.0
After using several different types of functional trainers and adjustable pulley systems at my gym, I had two important features I was looking for in the functional trainer I ordered for my home gym:

1) The adjustable pulleys needed to slide up and down smoothly - no jerkiness or catching and preferably so smooth that I could adjust them with just one hand.

2) Smooth moving pulleys with no jerkiness or catching.

It’s tough to confirm these items when shopping online, so I found as many videos as I could featuring BodyCraft products to see if I could notice the movement of the pulleys. Everything appeared smooth in the videos and their other products all had great reviews, so I decided to roll the dice.

This is an incredibly well built machine - sturdy, very smooth pulleys, adjustable pulleys glide up and down with ease.

What impressed me most was how easy it was to assemble and how clear the instructions were. After building 25+ other items (furniture, gym equipment, gazebos, etc), I’m used to following instructions that are poorly worded, unclear, and appear as if they were written once but never tested or followed by the company before publishing. These instructions were the best I have ever seen. Clearly stating when to tighten bolts and when to leave them loose, heads-up whenever multiple parts were being attached to each other, clear illustrations of the pulley system flow, etc.

After assembling and testing out the equipment, I emailed BodyCraft to find out what the pulley ratios were. A customer service rep got back to me in less than 24 hours to let me know that she forwarded my question to their engineering dept. The engineering dept got back to me several hours later with the answer to my question.

I’m very happy with this product!

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