The Jones, Not Just Another Smith

You may be wondering, what is a BODYCRAFT Jones Machine. How is it different from the traditional Smith Machine. Or thinking, I’ve used a Smith Machine for years, why change now. Stay tuned, this post will answer those thoughts and more.

We will tell you why you should avoid a Smith Machine. We will inform you of an independent study completed on a Jones Machine vs. a Smith Machine. And finally, let you know the best way to use a Jones machine to its full advantage.

To define a Smith Machine, it is an exercise piece similar to a power rack but the barbell is locked within the steel rails. This allows for only vertical or near- vertical motion. This makes any exercise on a Smith locked into a fixed plane, and does not allow for free weight or even free weight-type movement. Due to this main feature, the Smith often puts the body in unnatural positions. This can not only limit the benefits of the exercise, but may even cause injury. (More on this point later).

What Makes the Jones Machine Different?


The Mind – Muscle Connection

Your Brain’s Role in Muscle Activation

You’ve probably heard the term, “mind muscle connection” in the gym either by trainers or bodybuilders.  It sounds like it makes sense but what does it really mean?  How do you tap into it and how do you even know if you’re doing it properly?  Listed below are a few simple ways you can dial into your mind muscle connection and get the maximum benefits from your gym time.

What is the “Mind – Muscle Connection?”


Are You Getting the Most from Your Strength Training Routine?

Strength or resistance training is one of the most important things we can do for our muscles to keep them conditioned and ready to work. Therefore, it’s important to know if your strength training your muscles in the correct order for maximum benefit and results.


We’ve made it easy to find out. Simply answer these basic questions to find out if you’re getting the most out of your Strength Training program:


The Power of Compounding: Tips for Your Leg Day

Compounding Exercises are efficient and effective. Compounding exercises allow you to work many muscle groups within one exercise. You are allowing your body to experience eccentric (stretching) and concentric (contraction or work phase) in 2 or more muscle groups. This builds muscle quickly and efficiently.

The Leg Press/Hip Sled is a great machine to help you achieve strong and efficient lower body muscles. You can complete a set of leg presses at a desired angle and then experience a Squat using different leg positions all within the same machine.The squat is the most effective lower body exercise you can do for muscle strength. The squat will strengthen your legs, glutes, lower back and abdominals. You will also notice your heart rate increasing due to many major muscle groups working together. A squat can create a cardiovascular element into your strength training program. …


7 Body Sculpting Moves on Not Just Another Smith- A Jones

Getting a Great Workout with a BodyCraft Jones Club, Jones Platinum, Jones Light Commercial, or Jones Freedom is easy and efficient. Using multiple machines can be time consuming if you have a busy schedule. The Jones allows you to work your upper body, lower body, and even your abs. With a Jones machine you are able to move the bar horizontally and vertically, which creates even more exercise possibilities within an even safer environment. …


Skipping the Christmas Blues: Keys to an Injury Free Winter

The annual first snow of the season marks a long awaited time for all of us weight lifters – BULK SEASON!

Beach vacations are a far off thought. Knowing that the shirt will not be coming off in public for a while is all the motivation we need to start piling on the plates and foregoing the cardio.

With all of these ‘big gain’ ideals pumping through our veins, what could possibly stop us? Besides possibly an all out blizzard that shuts down I-95 or more polar vortex dropping temperatures to negative too-much-to think about. But probably more likely- an injury.

Jobs that require long hours behind a desk or on your feet can be your worst enemy when it comes to lifting injuries. Hours spent behind a keyboard can really take a toll on your body- slouched posture, tight hip flexors, a neck that gets used to looking down. While these all may sound like trivial observations, they all play a role when it comes to injuries.


Lifting Safety: Tips to Stay in the Game

The world of weightlifting is an exciting one. In this world, the illustrious nature of a beefy new max often sits paramount to all else. Sometimes, this goal overrules all other aspects of weightlifting, including safety. While seasoned weightlifters will have safety embedded into their training routines, not everyone can say the same. Here, we jump into some safety tips for lifting to help keep you in the game.

Be smart

Very much a blanket statement, but a great rule of thumb. We will touch on all of these below, but some important general rules are: increase your weight slowly, focus on balance both while training and while creating your training plan, use spotters whenever you can, and give your body rest.


Weight Room Lingo

How can you ever expect to walk the walk if you can’t talk the talk? A fitness lifestyle involves learning new exercise habits, diets, and levels of determination. All of these will have their own words and jargon that you can expect to encounter.

This list will help you decipher what all of these things mean, and why there are important. If there are any terms that you feel we may have missed, or would like us to explain, please leave it in the comments. We will hook you up.

Happy Reading, Happy Lifting.


Laying the Groundwork for Strength Training

In one way or another, it’s the goal that all lifters share – get stronger. Some want the big chiseled chest and bulging biceps. Or maybe, toned, strong legs and sculpted backside is your objective. Who doesn’t want the ripped abs?



No matter why we lift, we expect results. We want to look better and lift heavier weights (both in the gym and in everyday life).

As any seasoned lifter will tell you, getting stronger is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. It takes time, dedication, and the ability to find motivation on a daily basis. Many people throw around the phrase ‘a fitness lifestyle’ because that’s what is required. Making changes to every phase of your life, from your training to your diet, sleep patterns to your mental approach. …

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