A Treadmill Desk May Be Your Home Fitness Answer

Like most people, you are either working from home a little or a lot. And, in this time of crisis you are not going to your local gym. And, just maybe going for a long walk or run does not appeal to you because of social distancing. Many people are turning to home equipment, and while that satisfies to a degree the workout need, what about work?

Enter maybe the first serious treadmill desk. You can walk on it while you work with a large work surface. With a nifty flip feature, the treadmill console turns into a desk and back again. So, you can place your work and walk at a pace that is conducive to your work.

What also makes this product appealing is under the hood; this is a serious exercise treadmill. It features a 3.0 HP motor, and speeds which range from .3 to 10 MPH. And for those who want to jog or walk up hills, the incline goes to 12%. Those statistics translate into a treadmill that will fit just about every user from casual walker to serious runner.

It features a suspension system to make it easy on the knees. And the feature that really makes it cool is it is serious treadmill that also folds up. With that feature, it can fit many more places in the home or the home office.

Treadmills aren’t for everyone, yet if you need one that also functions as a workstation as well as a serious exercise device, this might be the fitness ticket. What I also like about this is the company, BodyCraft will ship it directly to your house. Out of the box, and in nine minutes, whoosh, instant treadmill after you secure a couple of parts.

Written by Neil Wolkodoff, Ph.D., originally posted at


Spin Bike Resistance: What You Need to Know

Ever wonder if a Spin Bike (Indoor Cycle) is the right investment for you? Or do you know you want one but are unsure if friction or magnetic resistance would best meet your needs. Or do you have an indoor cycle but want a refresher on resistance. If any of these are you, then continue on.

Why Cycle?

Whether it’s inside or outside, cycling provides many benefits to our body and our joints. Providing cardiovascular exercise, cycling gives our heart and lungs an endurance test without the pounding on our joints that comes along with the other well-known cardio, running. Cycling also allows for variety in a routine. Sit down on the saddle for a traditional ride or stand up and pump for some High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). If you have ever been to a cycling class, you know the heart-pounding, muscle-building exercise an indoor cycle can offer.

Magnetic vs Friction


Healthy Living with Chronic Pain: Low-impact Exercise

Definitions of chronic pain range anywhere from pain lasting longer than 3 months, 6 months, or a year. However, anyone with pain that has lasted longer than a few weeks understands how debilitating it can be. Chronic pain may limit a person’s movements, reducing flexibility and strength leading to difficulty carrying out important or enjoyable activities.

This post will focus on benefits of low-impact exercise for relief of chronic pain. defines chronic pain as pain that has lasted more than 12 weeks and often persists for longer. Where those with chronic pain often benefit from exercise, exercise should be limited or avoided with acute pain caused by an injury to allow the body to heal.

This blog post is not intended to replace care by your primary provider. This post is to have you start thinking of how physical activity, specifically focused on low-impact exercise, can positively impact your health.

Why move?

Why should I exercise? I don’t want to. There is not enough time in the day. It hurts too much the next day. I hurt too much now.

If these statements or replies sound familiar, you are not alone. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports that only 1 in 3 adults get the recommended amount of physical activity each week and more than 80% do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity.

However, the importance of movement within a healthy pain management plan cannot be over-emphasized. As outlined in Pain Management 101, exercise and physical activity is the “lotion” to promote smooth functioning. Small movements such as daily stretching can also strengthen muscles and increase functioning.  …


Row for Fitness

Have you heard people say that the rowing machine is the best cardio workout you can do? If you are one of the many who have shied away from the rowing machines at the gym, or avoided looking at one at the local fitness store, then this post is for you.  …


Can You Benefit from 10 Minutes of Exercise a Day?



To answer the big question up front, your body can benefit from 10 minutes of exercise per day. Simple activities such as walking, light strength training, and stretching will benefit you for years to come. You will increase your blood flow, allow your endorphins to release and stretch your muscles while increasing your bone density. These four benefits combined together can add years to your life. Imagine not getting high blood pressure for ten years after your father and/or mother was diagnosed with it. Imagine not being diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic ten years after your parents or grandparents. It is possible with just ten minutes of exercise/activity per day. …


What Aerobic Zone Should You Exercise In and Why

Know Your Heart Rate Zones

We know that cardiovascular exercise is important for weight loss; heart strength; respiratory strength etc. Do you know how long you should stay on your cardio equipment to become a healthier you? It’s really not just about time but also about how your body responds to your work load. …


You Can Cross Train with One Cardio Machine

How can I cross train with only one cardiovascular machine?

We all want to have a huge gym in our homes but sometimes the cost can get in the way. We are all so used to the fast and changing pace of our lives that getting on a treadmill can sound like the most mundane activity.

However, don’t look at your treadmill as a one stop cardio piece. It can be so much more.  When you think about any physical fitness activity, you should think “how many different ways can I work that same muscle?” Cross training (working a muscle in different ways) the same muscle decreases the chance of injury. Doing the same exercise over and over again can cause overuse and wear and tear of the muscles and joints. 

Let’s look at the BodyCraft treadmill and really think about how many cross training routines we can create. Remember, by adding movement to an exercise you are creating a balance component, engaging more muscle groups and increasing your heart rate. *Please remember to always use the safety strap when using the treadmill.* And try some of these combinations to get you started: …


Feel the Burn with Rowing and Spinning for a Leaner Stronger You

How to Burn Optimal Calories With a Spinning® Bike and a Rower

Have you ever thought you could burn 1000 calories in an hour? Sounds impossible, right? But it is not. You can. And the secret is to combine the right cardiovascular exercises. If you pick two modes of cardio that use major muscle groups, you can achieve that 1000 calorie burn.

One mode of cardio is spinning®/indoor cycling.  In a 40 minute spinning®/indoor cycling class, you can burn 400-600 calories.  During class, you are working your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors and extensors and core. This is the whole lower half of your body. Keep your resistance at a 6 out of 10 or 60% during most of the 40 minutes. With this resistance you will always be on a hill even if you are sprinting or jogging. …


Key Cardiovascular Workouts For Your Health and Fitness

Do you have cardiovascular intelligence?


We all know how to get on a treadmill and hit “quick start”. We often tend to gravitate toward our favorite classes or machines. This becomes like autopilot at times, right? This is where, with a little bit more effort, you can develop cardiovascular intelligence. The meaning of this is simple… You take care of your body the best way you know how…


Calling all Cyclists!

Which BodyCraft Indoor Cycling Bike is for you? BodyCraft has four indoor cycles in two different categories- magnetic resistance and brake pad resistance. All bikes have weighted flywheels and durable frames with handlebar and seat adjustments for every level. To simplify this blog post, it is easiest to focus in on two of these cycles: The SPT, which has a pad brake and the SPT- Mag, which has a magnetic brake. While much of your decision depends on preference, there are differing benefits for each selection.


Your Treadmill can Do More than Just Walk You!

The T1000 Treadmill has enough programs to keep it interesting. However, to add some upper body strength and lower body strength, try these small routines on the alternate days of using a pre-programmed routine. Adding strength by using the same equipment you use for cardiovascular workout days is a win-win.

Walking Lunges with Incline Walk (intermediate):

When you add the lunge you are adding balance and strength. Make sure you keep your knees behind your toes, you are bending the back knee and lowering your body straight down. Start at 1 mph for these and do not exceed 2 mph. The purpose of this exercise is slow and controlled. With each increase of incline (start at 3 if you can!), complete 2-3 minutes of walking lunges and then walk quickly (3 mph+) for 5 minutes. You can complete 2-4 sets of this routine. This routine emphasizes a lot of lower body strength.


Run Forest, It’s Good For You!

More results from less effort. It’s the dream that everyone who exercises has at one point or another. How could I do less but get more in return?

Few workouts can provide your body with the number of benefits that running does in the same amount of time. Once running becomes part of your life, you feel that you get out of breath much less frequently Taking the stairs is not the chore it once was. You will feel stronger, look better, and have improved confidence in yourself and your ability to accomplish other activities in life.

Sound like we are putting running too high up on a pedestal? Keep reading and see what you think after.

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