F611 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment

  • Locking leg hold down
  • 6 roller design
  • Weight peg accepts standard & Olympic weights (Olympic adapter recommended)
  • Can be added to the F320 and F602 Benches
  • Can be added to the F601 and F605 Benches* (*F615 Leg Hold Down/Attachment Kit required)


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2 reviews for F611 Leg Extension/Curl Attachment

  1. 5 out of 5

    Dan Snyder

    A must have attachment for your BODYCRAFT utility bench!
    So I purchased the F320 FID Bench(very happy with it, see my review) but didn’t get this at the same time(not sure why). Shortly after I brought the Bench home, I went back and got this to go with it(again, should have done it at the same time). This is a great add-on and offers a lot of versatility to your Utility Bench(the F320 in my case, but it looks like it fits others as well). So, I am going to give you some info on how to assembly and use it on the F320.
    Assembly is pretty easy and straight forward. Only tip I offer to make it easier is to use some silicone spray/lubricant on the tubes that the pads slide on. I sprayed a little on a rag and then wiped the tubes with the rag, a light film is all you are looking for just to reduce the friction sliding the pads on there.
    Attaching it to the F320 was easy, pop pin and tighten the knob to secure it.
    One of the features I like about it is the locking pin that keeps the attachment locked so you can use it to anchor yourself while doing say Decline Press or Decline Sit ups and it can help you to return to the seated position after finishing your Decline Press. You can use the attachment that came with the F320 too, just see which one you like better. I use them both for different exercises.
    One thing I discovered is that the space or opening from the end of the seat pad of the F320 and the rollers/pads of the developer was a little to “open” or uncomfortable for me. No problem though, I just put the bench into the decline position and problem solved!
    Another thing I like about this is the attention to detail. For example, there is a bolt that serves as a pivot point at the top where it attaches to a tube which is how it secures to the Bench. This is right about the position of where your knees or Quads will be. They could have just left it like that, a simple nut and bolt, but instead they included two rounded plastic caps that keep the hardware from rubbing your legs raw. Thank you BODYCRAFT!
    One last thing, if you are using Olympic weights, GET THE ADAPTER! They recommend it and now I see why. When you are doing leg curls or extensions, the weights have room to move(read flop back and forth) and is very annoying/distracting during the movement as it is not smooth(again, read flop back and forth). I even tried using the clamp that came with it, still no go. Get the adapter. BODYCRAFT sells it on their website.
    So there you have it, great accessory to great equipment!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mike Ceaser

    I have a very old bodycraft bench.( more than 10 years old) I wasn’t sure if the F611 would fit, but Jerod assured me that it would. It does fit and I love it! Jerod was very helpful in helping me order, since it has been out of stock for some time. It’s a great addition to my home gym. Thanks again to Jerod for doing a great job!

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