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Indoor Training Cycle


Built and warranted for the club, but affordable for home use, this cycle is perfect for classes or individual training, the SPX is unsurpassed in quality and durability.

  • Patented brake resistance for extra-smooth performance
  • Micro-adjust resistance knob with emergency safety stop
  • Multi-Phase paint process & stainless steel components/hardware
  • 46lb Perimeter weighted / 60lb+ effective weight flywheel
  • The best SKF bearings built for a lifetime of use
  • Fore/Aft Saddle & Handlebar are infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Belt drive for smooth, nearly silent maintenance-free performance
  • Optional Computer with comprehensive feedback on an LCD screen  
  • Optional Bluetooth/ANT+ RPM Cadence Sensor for use with your phone or tablet
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SPX Side



  • Double coated with multi-phase process to prevent rust and corrosion


  • For smooth, quiet, and maintenance-free performance
  • The automotive quality French Hutchinson 5PK V-Ribbed Belt will last, and last, and last


  • Precision 46 lb., perimeter weighted flywheel. Placing the bulk of the weight on the perimeter of the flywheel is equivalent to using a standard 60 pound flywheel.
  • Spins on the very best SKF Bearings available, manufactured in Germany and France


  • Dual water bottle holders within easy reach


  • Elastomer Cushioned 10.5" x 6.75" L High Performance Saddle


  • Frame: Heavy duty steel frame, double coated with multi-phase process to prevent rust and corrosion. Featuring a 4 point contact with adjustable levelers and ball bearing transport wheels.
  • Flywheel: Precision, perimeter weighted 46 Pound Flywheel
  • Drive: French-made Hutchinson 5PK v-ribbed automotive belt
  • Resistance: Patented Friction-Brake resistance for extra-smooth performance controlled by a micro-adjust safety knob with emergency stop
  • Lower Bracket: Precision SKF Bearings and case hardened shaft
  • Crank Assembly: Three piece cold-forged steel, 175mm long
  • Pedals: Aluminum alloy pedals with toe cage. Optional SPD pedals available
  • Seat Post / Handlebar Stem: Stainless steel. Infinite Fore and Aft adjustments with scale
  • Saddle: Fully adjustable 10.5"L x 6.75"W high-performance racing saddle
  • Handlebar: Multi-grip: Aero, Cross, and Bull-Horn grip positions.
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Floor Space: 43" Long x 24" Wide x 47" High
  • Box Dimensions / Weight: 44" Long x 10" Wide x 38" High


  • Home Use:
    • Lifetime Frame
    • 5 Year Parts
    • 2 Year Labor
  • Club/Light Commercial Use:
    • 10 Year Frame
    • 3 Year Parts
    • 1 Year Wear Items*
    • 90 Days Labor

    *Saddle, Toe Straps/Cages, Lock Levers, Brake Pads


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Shipping Info

Shipping: Truck (LTL, Curbside Delivery)
Box 1: Size: 43"x38"x10" Weight: 133
Box Weight Total: 133
* the total does not include pallet weight.


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brian willies
  • 5.0
I have been riding bikes forever ...on road and off. Being 6'4" it has been very difficult to find the right size frame to built a comfortable ride around, When I do, I generally ride it to death. This year I decided to look at an indoor cycle to stay in riding shape all year round. After researching and reviews, I had narrowed it down to the Sole Fitness SB700 and BodyCraft SPX commercial models.
I put out calls to their customer services to answer some questions I still had about bikes. That made my decision easy. Sole Fitness customer service didn't seem to know what their machine could do or what, if any, the size limit was. Then I hooked up with John at BodyCraft. He was very knowledgeable on every aspect of the bike. He didn't put down the other brand, but he did know a hell of lot about the SPX and seemed to be proud to stand by it's quality.
Arrived promptly, pristinely packed, like it came from Green Bay and very easy to get ready to ride. Once you do get to ride it is pure pleasure. Limitless ability to adjust seat and handlebar (up down fore and aft) make this bike a snap to get into my comfort zone. Your off to the races in no time. I was even making adjustments on my road bike that I've been happily riding for fifteen years to mimic the comfort I just experienced on my new BodyCraft SPX.
To easily jump on a bike this quickly in comfort ease of operation is rare for a man my size. Silent ride. Stellar handlebars and seat. Solid as anyone could ever want. Just as confident while standing or seated. The time I will spend on my SPX is bound to make my ol' gal road bike a little bit jealous. Be Well. Enjoy the ride!
Jennifer Kimble
  • 5.0
I cannot say enough good about this bike, or about my buying experience. To start with, this is a beautiful bike, works flawlessly, and was extremely simple and fast to assemble, with just a few things to be tighten on to it. It was packaged extremely well, and had no damage to it in shipping. It is a beautiful, solid bike, with high-end components. I will not be changing out a single part of this. The seat is very nice, and the pedals are high quality as well. It is super smooth and quiet, and all the parts work perfectly. I purchased it through Amazon by DB Sports. Mike at DB Sports went above and beyond to make sure it arrived on time for Christmas and with all the correct shipping info. He was so helpful and prompt in everything! Thanks Mike and DB Sports so much! You rock and this is a great bike!
  • 5.0
This is an exceptional bike. I like it even better than the Schwinn and Spinning bikes they have at the gyms I go to. The BodyCraft bike is super smooth and quiet, and the design is really sleek and high quality. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It was super easy to put together too; anyone could put it together- the hardest part was hauling all 133pounds of it up my stairs... you may need a little help if that is also your case. It is worth every penny and I felt the price was outstanding for this kind of quality. Thank you to the previous customers who rated this Five Stars as my decision to go with this bike was based on those reviews and they were absolutely right!
gregory albrecht
  • 5.0
The bike is very well made - sturdy, very quiet and easy to adjust. The plastic that covers the drive belt got a small crack during shipment and one of the pedals made a slight clicking sound. I was referred to the manufacturer that has what I would consider one of the best customer service teams out there. They sent a new plastic cover and pedal (a crank, too, just in case it was contributing to the noise) at no charge. Very pleased with how I was treated. Love the bike, too.
  • 5.0
Well over 100 hours of riding on this bike now and my original positive review stands. The bike is VERY comfortable, rides beautifully and the smooth tension control gives me perfect control over my heart rate for training. I did not a small "squealing" noise after about a month of use, but it just went away and never returned. Can't rate this bike highly enough.

Original Review:

I have to say, I am very impressed with this spinning bike. It was packed beautifully and arrived in perfect condition. Assembly took about 30 minutes and the parts required to be assembled were: Put on handlebars and lock, install stabilizer feet and install water bottles. I'm sure it could be done much faster, but I took my time.

Now, the good part. This bike is a stable as a rock easy, smooth and quiet for both standing and sitting riding. The tension control is easy to reach and has great precision, and includes a "brake" to stop the wheel by pushing the tension control button/dial. The craftsmanship that went into the bike, including parts and welds seems extremely nice. The seat is extremely comfortable (I've already had sessions 1 1/2 hours long) as are the padded handlebars. I can only compare it to LeMond spinning bikes I have used in classes, and I think this is better made and smoother.

The only part that surprised me was that the drive cover was plastic, but clearly not an issue unless it is abused. Overall I don't think there is a better spinning bike out there for the money. It will last a homeowner a lifetime
  • 5.0
I taught spinning classes on Star Trac NXT spinners for years and tested several other brands during equipment refreshes. The BodyCraft SPX is a great bike and easily accommodates a 6' 4" rider with more room to raise the seat higher for an even taller rider. This is something the mid-range bikes cannot do! I tried many $500-$800 bikes and they just cannot properly fit a tall rider. Then looking at the higher end bikes, for me, this spinner beat out the Star Trac, LeMond and Schwinn models. The belt drive on this bike is quiet for home use and the pressure adjustement is silky, no sudden grabbing due to a small adjustment. The seat is comfortable and the proper size for a spinner. It's not as small as a road bike, but not huge like some stationary bikes.

I changed the pedals out to dual platform pedals so I could use my SPD cleats and allow my family to still use gym shoes. I also added a Nashbar cycling computer to keep track of stats for fun. It's just something us road cyclists are obsessed with. :-)

If you are serious about spinning and want a great bike to keep you in shape w/out the gym cost, this is the bike for you. If it is just going to end up being a clothes hanger in a few weeks, look at the $500 bikes. :-) I purchased my bike from a local exercise equipment dealer that matched the online price.

You are sure to enjoy this spinning bike.
Jonathan Nesci
  • 5.0
We purchased Bodycraft SPX bikes for our indoor cycling fitness center. Bikes arrived amazingly packed with very few details to assemble. The quality and engineering of the components was surprisingly well done. The design is really nice and the bike functions remarkably. They really thought this one through.

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