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Introducing the BODYCRAFT XFT, the most comprehensive Strength Training System ever created. Designed and engineered by BODYCRAFT, the XFT is the latest in strength training technology. The patented XFT fuses Free Weight Barbell Training with a Functional Training Machine all within a compact 61”X 50” floor space. The XFT was designed to allow you to safely perform virtually countless exercises all in natural and safe fashion. Whether you’re a performance athlete or just beginning your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle, the XFT offers you what it takes to meet and exceed your goals.


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XFT Functional Trainer


  • Barbell: Rotating Blue Anodized Barbell
  • Counter-Weighted Quick-Adjust Carriage W/ Quick-Set Handle
  • Dual Locking Barbell Levers: to lockout Fore-Aft Motion
  • Dual Front Adjustable Pulleys: Swiveling Functional Pulleys W/32 Height Positions and Laser Cut Position Window
  • Laser Etched #’s on Chrome Cable Columns
  • Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar: Uses Include, Pull-Ups, Hanging Ab Straps, Bands, Inversion Boots, Etc.
  • 150LB Weight Stack (Upgradeable to 200LBS)
  • Centerline Bench Alignment
  • Assisted Chin-Up Strap
  • Double-Up Weight Resistance - 2X Stack Weight
  • Lower Loops for Battle Ropes and Exercise Bands
  • Accessories: Long Functional Bar, Sports Stick, Triceps Rope, Ankle Strap, Assisted Chin-up Strap, 2 Single Handles, 2 Chains
  • Workout Posters: 5 Exercise Posters including Arms, Chest, Core, Back, and Legs.


  • Barbell Travel - 20” Horizontal Travel - 60" Vertical Travel
  • Barbell Positions - 64 W/ 1” Increments
  • Barbell Width- 53“
  • Functional Swiveling Pulley Vertical Travel- 61.25”
  • Functional Swiveling Pulley Positions- 32 W/ 2” Increments
  • Functional Swiveling Pulley Cable Length - 93“
  • Hardened Steel Bolts at All Connection Points
  • Industrial Linear Bearings
  • Powder Coated Heavy Gauge Steel Tubing
  • Dimensions: 61” L x 50" W x 83" H


  • Residential Lifetime Warranty: Since it is built to last a lifetime, every part of the BODYCRAFT XFT is guaranteed for as long as you own it. We will replace or repair any manufacturer defect. Warranty applies only to the original owner and for in-home use. Does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • For Light Commercial use:
  • Frame - 10 years
  • Parts - 2 years

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Shipping Info

Shipping: Truck (LTL, Curbside Delivery)
Frame Box 1/5 78.75 x 16.625 x 4.75 Weight: 146
Frame Box 2/5 64 x 23.625 x 10 Weight: 153
Frame Box 3/5 44.5 x 20.125 x 12.25 Weight: 129
Frame Box 4/5 83.75 x 11.75 x 7.875 Weight: 133
Frame Box 5/5 77.625 x 7.375 x 4.75 Weight: 27
Frame Box Weight Total: 588 lbs.
Plate Weight: 140 lbs (190 lbs with 50lb add-on)
Total Weight: 728 lbs (778 lbs with 50lb add-on)
* the total does not include pallet weight, Pallet weight adds about 80lbs


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  • 5.0
This thing is absolutely crazy, free weight mobility in a universal style gym ,when I saw the prototype in your showroom and the guy explained it to me I thought in my head ya right how could that be??? Then when he demonstrated it ,I said wholly crap there is nothing comparable that does what it does .It is like what everyone would want and imagine.Your muscles dont follow the bar like a normal universal the bar follows your muscle movement every theauputic therapists dream.Cant wait to get my hands on one of these beauties .
  • 5.0
It was a very unpleasant experience when my gym has been closed for 2 months recently. I had to buy some basic, used equipment to train at home to feel good.

Since then, I cannot stop thinking about having a gym at home and be completely independent from whatever happens in the outside world.
The only problem is: the size of my apartment: I have place for only 1 Device.
It has to be perfect!

I analyzed all possible types of devices made by leading producers around the world - and realized that what i need is a smith machine combined with double pulley cable machine.

And there are many devices like that - but for some magic reasons all of them have stack for cables and plates for Smith machine. What a not-elegant solution...

I already designed my own machine (Body Craft HFT + basic smith machine combined together in such a position that i could connect the cables to a smith machine's bar.

Now I discovered your break trough innovation - and i see how such concept looks like when designed by professionalists + combined with superb materials and attention to details.

I hope to try it soon in Switzerland ;)
  • 5.0
Full disclosure: I am the President of BODYCRAFT. I have had the unique privilege of working out on the XFT prototype for 4 months now. I fall more in love with it every time I use it! The almost endless variety of exercises allow me to constantly mix up the routines. What would normally be an hour and a half workout is now done in 45 minutes. I now do not fear being trapped under a barbell as the XFT is totally safe. I replaced my Jones Platinum with the XFT and created a lot more space in my basement. I trust future XFT owners will enjoy this piece as much as I do. Thanks for reading this.

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