F730 Pro Power Rack


Our Power Rack is built for the person who knows how to push their body to the limit. Rugged construction and pop-pin adjustable bar catches and spotter arms make your workout enjoyable, quick and safe. Customize your Power rack with more than dozen available options such as landmine option, dip handles, and a utility bench for a complete Strength Training System.

*Some images shown with optional components. Please see the Options below.


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  • POP PINS – Easy to Adjust and Always Out of the Way of Your Bar
  • SPACING – 2″ Inch Precise Adjustments to Safely and Effectively Customize Your Workout
  • CHIN BAR – Multi-Grip and allows for use with Inversion Boots, Hanging Ab Straps, Bands, etc.
  • HOOKS & SPOTTERS – High-Density Rubber Securely Screwed Down. Prevents Scratching
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – Rated for up to 1,000 lbs.
  • WORKING SPACE – 34.5″  Depth by 43″ Wide Between Uprights
  • FRAME – Rugged Heavy Gauge 2″ x 3″ Steel Tubing
  • HARDWARE – 1/2 Hardened Steel Bolts at all primary Connection Points
  • DIMENSIONS – 51.5″L x 48.9″W x 80.25″H
  • UPRIGHT COLUMNS – Indexed Uprights: Laser-Etched Numbers on the 4 Uprights.



* The F738 and F431 cannot be attached at the same time. It’s one or the other.
** You must purchase or already own the F431 Lat/Row Option

BENCH OPTIONS for the F730

Available Bench Attachments


  • Residential:
    • Frame: Lifetime*
    • Parts: Lifetime*
  • Light Commercial:
    • Frame: 10 years*
    • Parts: 2 years*
    • 6 months – wear items*

*Warranty Applies to Defects in Materials and Workmanship to the Original Owner Only. See Manual for Details.



  • POP PINS – Easy to Adjust and Always Out of the Way of Your Bar
  • SPACING – 2” Inch Precise Adjustments to Safely and Effectively Customize Your Workout
  • CHIN BAR – Multi-Grip and allows for use with Inversion Boots, Hanging Ab Straps, Bands, etc.
  • HOOKS & SPOTTERS – High-Density Rubber Securely Screwed Down. Prevents Scratching
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – Rated for up to 1,000 lbs.
  • WORKING SPACE – 34.5”  Depth by 43” Wide Between Uprights
  • FRAME – Rugged Heavy Gauge 2  x 3  Steel Tubing
  • HARDWARE – 1/2 Hardened Steel Bolts at all primary Connection Points
  • DIMENSIONS – 51.5″L x 48.9″W x 80.25″H
  • UPRIGHT COLUMNS – Indexed Uprights: Laser-Etched Numbers on the 4 Uprights.


  • F732 – Dip Attachment (F730.F430)
  • F733 – Extra Bar Catches Option (F730)
  • F734 – Band Pegs Attachments (F730)
  • F735 – Plate Rack Option (F730/F430)
  • F737 – Landmine Option (F730/F430)
  • F739 – Battle Ropes Option (F730/F430)


    • F738 – RFT Functional Trainer* (F730)
    • F431 – Free Weight Lat/Row Option (F730/F430), F200 Optional Stack available)*
    • F200 – Optional 200lbs Stack Option for F431 Lat/Row Option**

* The F738 and F431 cannot be attached at the same time. It’s one or the other.
** You must purchase or already own the F431 Lat/Row Option

BENCH OPTIONS for the F730

    • F704 – FID System Utility Bench
    • F705 – FID Ladder Catch Utility Bench

Available Bench Attachments

  • F710 – Arm Curl Attachment (F705 required optional F715)
  • F711 – Leg Ext/Curl Attachment (F705 required optional F715)
  • F715 – Hold Down/Attachment Kit (for F705, not required for F704)


  • Residential:
    • Frame: Lifetime*
    • Parts: Lifetime*
  • Light Commercial:
    • Frame: 10 years*
    • Parts: 2 years*
    • 6 months – wear items*

*Warranty Applies to Defects in Materials and Workmanship to the Original Owner Only. See Manual for Details.


Shipping: Truck (LTL, Curbside Delivery)
Box 1: Size: 80×18.5×8 Weight: 202
Box Weight Total: 202
* the total does not include pallet weight.

18 reviews for F730 Pro Power Rack

  1. 5 out of 5

    Stephen G. Bernard

    I ordered the BodyCraft F730 rack after looking and researching several other models including the Body Solid
    Power rack, and the Power Tec rack. The F730 uses Pop pins so it’s very easy to adjust your safeties and your
    J hooks up and down.

    Many power racks require that you remove a safety pin and then twist and pullout the saftey and then repeat
    for the J hooks. Others have a Steel Rod that goes all the way through the holes like a sword called a Sabre
    style. If you just Bench Press and do Squats it’s no big deal but if you use it for other exercises and change
    the positions a lot then the Pop pins make sense. My wife is the primary user of this rack and she likes the
    ease of use of the pop pins over the other methods.

    he F730 was the only rack to have pop pins. The Power Tec rack was too tall for our basement and it did not
    have a straight chin up bar. The Body Solid was really good as well but it didn’t have the pop pins.

    I ordered the BodyCraft F730 Rack from Amazon.com the price was a bit higher than it’s competitors, however
    we are very happy with the rack. The F730 arrived about a week later via freight truck. The box was damaged on
    the outside and had a few holes in it. Inside it was packed extremely well and nothing was damaged in any way.
    I assembled this myself in 3 hours taking my time. I do not reccomend that you do this unless you’ve assembled
    a lot of things by yourself. Keep in mind that most of this goes together very easily and it only has 2 sizes
    of nuts and bolts, 3/4″ Hex and 9/16″ Hex.

    The biggest issue is when you assemble it if you do not have lot of height you will have to put the safeties
    and J hooks onto the supports before you attach them to the base. Also after that is done, you assemble the
    top pieces and then raise it up and bolt it to the top of the supports. Putting that piece into position by
    yourself is difficult because it’s about 4 feet by 4 feet, fairly heavy and cumbersome. So doing it yourself
    you have to balance it and then slide the bolts in. For 2 people it would be easy and only take a couple of

    There is a manual of sorts but honestly it’s not all that helpful. There is an exploded diagram which is more
    useful, however it will show washers where it doesn’t use any. When you assemble this be sure to only finger
    tighten everything initially. Yes it will wobble like Jell-O but everything goes together much more easily.
    Tighten all the bolts later from the bottom to the top. This is a pretty easy rack for 2 people to assemble.

    Once it’s all assembled it’s very easy to use. Just pull the pins and slide the safeties and hooks up and
    down. The F730 is very well made. Everything fits just like you’d expect it to. I ordered and extra set of J
    hooks because once they are on you can’t put them front to back or on other supports. This can be a deal
    breaker for many people, so if you really need to move your J hooks to the front or back you will either buy
    another set or get a different rack.

    The safeties have holes in the to attach Dip handles which are an option. I bought these. You have to figure
    out when you assemble the rack how you want the dip handles to go. I have them facing into the cage on one
    safety and on the outside on the other safety. This allows you to dips either way. While the safeties look
    like the handles will fit on either way, they won’t. So check the alignment before you assemble everything
    and be sure you’re happy with it. The dip handles can also be used for push ups as well. If you do your dips
    on the outside you might notice a little wobble on the opposite side of the rack. It’s no big deal but
    inside the rack you have a lot more stability and no wobble.

    The F730 is built like a tank, easy to adjust and is well built and very solid. You will not need to buy
    another power rack. This one has a lifetime warranty and I can believe it will last that long. My wife loves
    using it.

    I really can’t think of any negatives except that you can’t use a 6 foot bar with it. But I knew that before
    I bought it and we have a 7 foot olympic bar.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I bought this Bodycraft power rack over a year ago. It’s the “core piece” of my evolving home gym. It arrived by semi-truck. The driver was able to back into my driveway and was kind enough to unload it into my garage next to the back entry way. Good delivery service! You have to be there to sign for the delivery. This is a heavy rack, about 280 lbs. The parts are high quality, the paint looked good and the assembly instructions were fairly straight foward. With this product and other pieces of gym equipment – if you are accumulating your own “home gym”- a set of wrenches and sockets – metric and standard, a rubber mallet or rubber dead blow hammer, and a cordless impact wrench can really speed up assembly. It took about an hour to unpack, unwrap, and assemble this rack. Every piece was wrapped in plastic! it took almost as long to unpack as to assemble. That’s ok, none of the parts had any scratches or dings. The parts were perfect. You will need a helper to assemble this rack. Some of the pieces need to be lifted over head and are large and awkward. Be sure to install the adjustable bar hooks (the two pieces the weight lifting bar hangs from) before installing the top. If you forget, you’ll have to take the top off (with a helper) and slide the bar hooks over the columns, then replace the top.
    This is the only disadvantage that this rack has. You have to decide where you want to place the bar hooks and in which direction you want them facing, before installing the top of the rack. I recognized this problem before ordering this rack and came up with an easy solution – you order an extra set of the adjustable bar hooks. That way you can mount a set inside the rack on the far upright columns for squats or bench presses, and you can have the second set mounted on the columns nearest to you pointing outward for doing military presses outside the rack, or other exercises that you prefer to do outside the rack. It costs a little bit more money for the extra bar hooks, but gives you much greater versatility. I’m glad I ordered the extra adjustable hooks.

    Pluses: Friendly, convenient delivery (you must be there to sign!). High quality parts that are heavy duty. This is a heavy piece of equipment. Not rickety. Nice paint, no scratches or dings. You can order extra adjustable bar hooks for it (highly recommended) as well as dip bars (I bought those as well and they work well when used inside the rack. If you use them outside the rack the rack may rock a little unless you bolt it to the floor). A lat pull down attachment and weight stack are also available, although very pricey. This rack has good interior dimensions. It is slightly narrower side to side, and much deeper front to back, than many power racks found at commercial gyms. This is the way a rack should be built, especially for squatting. This way, when you back out with a weight on your shoulders you don’t bang the sides of the 45 lbs plates on the sides of the upright columns. You also have more room to back out once you unrack the weight. Thus more room inside the rack to get yourself set up before starting the squat. All power racks should have these types of dimensions.

    Negatives: You will need a helper to assemble this rack. Sockets, wrenches, rubber dead blow hammer, will speed up assembly. A cordless impact driver will make the job even faster. You need to think about which columns you want to slide the bar hooks over before assembling the top. You must remove the top of the rack if you want to move the bar hooks to the other two upright columns. I recommend spending the extra money and buying 2 additional bar hooks for complete versatility. The Bodycraft logo is covered with a piece of cellophane tape that will peel off. That is there to protect the logo, just like the BODY SOLID brand. HMMM…. I think both these brands come out of the same factory; they both have the same way of protecting their logo, and the paint and upholstery seem the same.

    Conclusion: I would buy this rack again without hesitation. It is solid (not a rickety death trap) has high quality components, and a high quality finish. It should last a home owner for decades. I think it works better and has better ergonomics (slightly narrower and deeper)than power racks found at many commercial gyms. This is especially beneficial for squatting. It’s also not super tall, about 81″ so it should fit in most homes and basements that have 7 foot ceilings. With an extra set of adjustable bar hooks you can work inside the rack or outside it.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Adam M. Gent

    The best power rack for the money.

    It has a strait pull up bar which is far more useful than those annoying curved bars as you can
    hang olympic Rings or Blast Straps on them.

    The rack has lots of space and has the feel of commercial rack.

    Shipping is free

    The height is short which is nice for home gyms

    It is pretty tough power rack and can handle more weight than other power racks in its price range.

    – The rack will not fit standard power rack accessories ie: 3×3 or 2×2 J Hooks/Dip attachments

    Consequently buy the dip bars when you buy the rack in case the company stops making the model.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Everybody else said it well in their reviews. There are similar cages that are $200 cheaper but this one is well-engineered, expandable, compact (low ceiling clearance), built like a tank (in china, unfortunately but it is high quality except for a couple plastic pieces). Quick disconnect helps you set up exercises quickly. Lift heavy without a partner! It can wobble a little bit but I trust it–built like a tank. Expandable lat/row is great, buying the cable crossover next. High end home gym/low end commercial. I don’t believe there is anything better in this price range.

  5. 5 out of 5


    As a sophomore college student, I found my classes to be tougher than my 1st year so I did not have much time to go to the school gym since most of my time was dedicated to studying. So I wanted to work out at home instead of commuting to the gym.

    I’ve looked at a few other power racks which seemed rather pricey under my budget
    There was another rack going at about 400$ on amazon but the picture did not appear as sturdy as this rack F730

    The Rack arrived today and took my girl friend and I roughly 3 hours to assemble it
    I do not recommend putting this together alone, you’ll need someone to hold the parts in place while the other screws it into place

    Surprising the rack is a bit wobbly if you move but I am sure it will hold since this product comes with a life time warranty 🙂

    I also purchased an extra pair of J hooks and the hip attachment.

    An awesome rack if you are not looking to spend too much or too little.

  6. 4 out of 5


    This thing is sturdy and made with very thick high quality steel, the only thing i didn’t like about it was its short height which makes doing pull ups pretty difficult for me but that issue might be great for some people with limited height requirements, and the fact the holes weren’t numbered but that’s a minor inconvenience. I was also missing some “washers” in the packaging which annoyed me but you can grab some of those from any hardware store. Other than that this thing is a beast and i definitively recommend it to anyone looking for a power rack.

  7. 5 out of 5


    First off, make sure the dimensions are correct for your setup and If you don’t have the height for this with about 18″ above it you’ll find that the pull-up bar on the front will be somewhat useless. It is in my garage though so no problem there, and as I wrote in another review if you have the dip attachments and the overhead clearance you will likely NOT need or want a power-tower for pullups or dipping. I also find that if you have the lat/row attachment that you will be able to forego a lot of your barbell accessories like tricep or bicep curl bars though I highly recommend using both.

    With that said, having a rack is a wonderful thing and once you get it and a good bench (I have the one that goes with this the 320) that you will be able to do a good chunk of your workout routine from inside it. The rack is very stable and looks great, assembly takes a little under 3 hours by yourself at a slow pace, though with a friend I estimate 1-2 hours from unpacking to disposing the cartons. Floor mats are highly recommended whether or not you have a floor with cement or fine wood simply for the fact that you want to preserve your rack from all sides.

    You will most likely want the extra pair of safety catches (i put them on the rear so I could workout either way) from the outset as they will make your life easier whether you put them on the rear or on the same support and use it for switching between incline/decline and level pressing. Ultimately how you use the rack will be up to you but think of the hassle of having to remove the top portion of the rack to add those later or if you want to add the row attachment later. Plan it out in advance and be ready to leave the rack in that spot for a while because eventually you’ll wear out the rivets and have to replace the bolts (which is fine they are very standard but will come out of your pocket) from multiple assemblies.

    The ONLY thing I really find wrong with this beautiful rack is that the struts themselves have catch holes all along their sides but no numbering, so either you will have to remember your placements for the primary and secondary safeties for each exercise change (which after a week I kind of memorized but sometimes have to think for a bit) or markup the rack somehow maybe with stickers or something (I’m adverse to doing this myself). My planned solution for this is to have a washboard somewhere in my gym room and have the markings (5,0 for bench, 5,3 for incline bench, 8 for dips, counting from bottom etc).

    If interested check out my other review of the lat attachment if you are considering this setup. I myself love having it!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Ken Falls

    I’ve been working out at home for years with just an average olymipic weight bench/cheesy pulley set-up. I didn’t know squat about power racks. After doing lots of research and going on a BB forum and finding a blog on just power racks, everybody had nothing but good to say about the F730. It does cost a couple hundred more than the other brands out there in its group but in my opinion it’s worth the money. I was a bit leary about the “quick pins” that adjust the bar hooks but they work great.
    I too bought the extra hooks, dip bars (which work as stated) and the lat attachment that I love as well. I just can’t believe they get 5 bills for the 200lb. weight stack that’s optional!
    If you plan on working out at home and doing it for the long haul, don’t cheap out on yourself.

  9. 4 out of 5

    James B

    The core of my home gym. The safety bars are solid and easy to manipulate. The cage has a rear cross-bar for counter-balance though I plan to bolt it to my platform if the day comes when I decide it is where I want it (I keep experimenting with different placements on my plywood platform to figure out how to make best use of my limited space and still work out side of the cage, i.e. overhead presses, power cleans) Speaking of moving it around, I have been able to do so by myself with no difficulty. Nice!

    My favorite thing about this cage is the pin system. Makes moving the safety bars and j-hooks a breeze. The holes are adequately spaced for my needs. There are no numbers on the holes as others have indicated, but this has not proven to be a problem for me at all. Chin-up bar is great.

    What I did not like… Putting the thing together was an absolute nightmare for me. I did it by myself which added to the stress, but come on really? When you are dropping this much money it should not be this hard. You are given what is little more than an exploded diagram and a thank you for choosing Bodycraft. For the price, a DVD on assembly alone could have been included. Certainly more of a manual could have been written than some diagram. What’s more I ended up getting an updated version of the cage so the instructions were not totally spot on. And for $800 they need to be. But I got it done and so will you, but be prepared and get a buddy to help you.

    The j-hooks. I prefer for them to be more flat to the cage. The j hooks the way that they are designed have plastic molding that jut out a bit and could make racking the barbell from a heavy squat or bench press an issue. The j-hooks on the outside of the cage have the push-pins right on top so I have to be careful when re-racking after a overhead press as to guide the barbell into the hook as opposed to walking forward to the cage and quickly lowering the barbell (which can be the case on the last rep if you are winded); all of this can be worked around though using good form and common sense, just got to be careful.

    The cage I got did not require an extra set of j-hooks for outside-the-cage work, like overhead presses FYI. It must have been an updated version because it has them on the outside on the ends on the safety bar

    UPDATE: 10/23/13; After steady use I can still vouch for the cage doing all that I wanted it to do. One thing, the padding on one of the J-hooks is starting to fall off which surprised me as I am the only one to use it. Minor issue at best. The issue I was having with the j-hooks on the outside of the cage was resolved by me taking the top of the cage off and turning it the other way. I am very pleased with this purchase overall and would think it would make a fine addition to one’s home gym

  10. 5 out of 5


    This is an excellent rack. It’s pretty compact overall without being cramped when you are inside. It is extremely sturdy. I think the manual says the weight limit is 700 or 800 pounds. Either way, it’s more than enough for me. As some reviewers have noted, it is too short to do overhead work inside the cage. I just do it outside and use the hooks at the ends of the spotter bars. If I am doing something overhead, odds are I can at least maintain control of the weight while lowering it to the hooks. The spotter bars and hooks are super easy and quick to move. Numbering the holes would be a plus, but it isn’t that difficult to get everything lined up. To use a bench inside the cage, you really need a bench that can sit over the bar at the back of the base of the rack. I have a bench that works fine that way. I put the hooks on the back uprights, which is different from the picture. This allows me to lift off behind my shoulders rather than in front of them, which is the way every other bench or rack I’ve ever used has done it. I guess if you aren’t too tall, you could keep the hooks on the front uprights and use a bench that doesn’t go over the bottom crossbar. You would have to push the bench all the way against the crossbar and lay with your head toward the front of the cage. I think that would put my feet right on the crossbar though, which isn’t something I want. The pull up bar is straight and not knurled. It is high enough for me, but I am short. If you are especially tall, it might be a bit low if you don’t want to tuck your knees in while you’re pulling.

    Hopefully, I’ll never have to buy another rack. If I do, I’ll definitely look at this one again.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Excellent Power Cage! Very sturdy and strong. It was well worth the money.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I just want to start by saying that I bought the F730 Power Rack back in April 2014, have used it on average 3-4 days per weeks since and it is the best product I have ever owned! Almost 3 years of brutal abuse. The most unexpected part is that you can not even tell this rack has been used… I am in the best shape of my life and the F730 helped me along the journey. This rack allows you to comfortably and safely execute all the most important fundamental strength building exercises. Yes I recommend! Also, the creator of Stronglifts 5×5 program also has used this rack for years (seen in all his videos). Watch any of his form videos & you can see it in action.

  13. 3 out of 5


    Like other reviews, the power rack overall is very sturdy and is great. Besides what has been previously said, I want to touch on the negatives:
    -Lat pulldown: there is nothing to hold down your legs or even feet when doing this, which makes it extremely difficult to do heavier weight as your body will come off the bench.
    -Row: there are no foot placements so again, difficult to do other than placing your heels on the bottom brace. This puts more risk of them slipping and causing injury.
    -J-hooks: there are no outside hooks for doing exercise outside the cage, besides keeping the bar low. No way to do overhead presses. Doing them inside the cage will hit the top braces.

    I do like this piece of equipment, though feel like they should have put basic pieces onto this for the large price being paid. It is as if they did not try this out before finishing the product.

    Answer from BODYCRAFT:
    Thank you for the review Mike! We would like to point out that your critiques are for the F431 Lat Attachment, not the F730 Power Rack. We admit that with any attachment, some compromises are made to be able to fit together and not compromise the function of the base piece of equipment. We also would like to note that this attachment is being phased out in lieu of the newer cable attachment; the F438 RFT (Rack Functional Trainer).
    Please also note:
    • You can use the optional F433 Dip Handles as Knee hold downs. Simply face them inward and adjust the spotter arms until the handles are at knee level. Or, you can do the same with your Olympic bar atop the Safety Spotters. Lower the Safety Spotters until your Olympic Bar is at knee level, then load your bar with enough weight to keep you down.
    • For low row, we recommend using your bench at full decline position. Sit on the declined bench and use your bench feet as foot braces.
    • The F730 Power Rack DOES include outside hooks. These hooks are permanently mounted to the outside of the Safety Spotters, are fully adjustable, and allow for outside exercises such as overhead presses.
    We hope you enjoy your Power Rack for many healthy years!

  14. 5 out of 5


    Love everything about this rack… Super durable too!

  15. 5 out of 5

    Jon D

    I am very happy with the high quality of my F730 power rack. It has exceeded my expectations and it makes me happy to see a company that still believes in manufacturing equipment that provides quality for your money spent.

  16. 5 out of 5

    Dustin Carnes

    We’ve all been impacted by Covid, so it goes without saying that I’ve been really impressed with the home gym equipment I’ve purchased from Bodycraft. In particular The F730 rack has the capacity to take on any serious home gym equipment need in terms of capacity and features. It helps that its a great deal in terms of cost, but doesn’t skimp out on safety like some other companies might without you realizing it.

    I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for high quality at a deal, I’ve personally used this set up for almost a year now and am loving it.

  17. 5 out of 5


    This rack rocks. I was considering rogues, but this was to good of a deal to pass up. All around solid rack. I love how easy the safety bars are to move around. The attachments look great as well I’m looking forward to getting the cable trainer add on.

  18. 5 out of 5

    Michael Polley

    I’ve owned my F730 for many years, and it still looks and functions like the day it was purchased. It has kept up with many heavy workouts, squats, and rack pulls. The only issue is that some small parts of the frame have developed surface rust, and a few flecks of paint have flaked off on the bottom support brackets and J-hooks, exposing surface rust. Not bad for a rack that has been used extensively for years.

    I’m happy that Bodycraft continues to support this rack, and develops for it. I have the F438 functional trainer attachments on order, and am excited to expand the racks capabilities.

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